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The Ultimate "I failed my driving test!" Thread ‎-MK II

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    Failed my first test today, only 4 minors as well damn.

    Dumb ass move on my part, went on a road I've very rarely driven down, ends in a traffic light controlled junction and both lanes allow you to turn right, I just instinctively saw the arrow pointing right in the right hand lane (obviously) and so went there and turned right, forget the left lane also lets you turn right, the roads merge right after the junction so I slid across into the left lane checked my main mirror as I finished the turn as the roads merge but because I didn't check my left hand mirror as I drifted lanes doing the turn I failed. Why couldn't there have been a car in the other lane indicating right lol, then I'd have realised before making the error, but nothing was around, that it was a pretty good drive so booking again right away and hoping I just wont make a dumb move like that.


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Updated: October 31, 2014
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