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People's Lives Are Facebook

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    (Original post by twelve)
    Why does everyone hate facebook so much?!

    It is a bit annoying if people are constantly on there - but then the ones that are annoying are the ones that post statuses about 'my life is ****' and post pictures and then say they look fat when they are only in their bra and pants or something. Its just entertainment, people need to stop making out like everyone who uses facebook takes it too seriously.
    Because it's extremely depressing and nothing more than a place to show off how "great" your life is when it probably isnt. I'm glad i deactivated mine and i dont think i'll be going back to it any time soon.
    I feel so much better as i dont waste time on it looking at other people's lives and can focus on my own.
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    (Original post by zKlown)
    I wasn't commenting saying you're wrong, just saying I've never experienced it

    But yeah, I've actually seen that lol. I class alot of that as beyond cyber bullying. It's worse tbh.
    Oh I didn't mean to make it seem as though I thought you were saying I was wrong Can't say I've experienced it personally but I know I certainly do not want too.

    It's shocking, some of the things in the video, like just how old some of the people actually are who do these things on the likes of facebook. It's such a wide area that's dominating a large amount of social networking, nothing is private anymore. I think the programme mentioned that only 2 people have ever been convicted for cyber related bullying/trolling.
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    I mostly agree with you OP, but I've come to realise: live and let live. I don't use Facebook much but it does have its uses sometimes (family, old contacts, political movements, campaigns, advertising etc. it was very beneficial to the Arab Spring too).

    Fair enough if people want to waste their lives on it, that's their own choice.
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    I completely agree with the OP
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    Deactivated a year ago, haven't reactivated since then!:awesome:
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    I've been saying for years that people don't take facebook seriously enough...
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    I have facebook, but just delete the people that are always giving pointless and boring statuses!
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    I hate how every time when people go out they have to tag themselves of where they are, it's we don't care. There's one girl on my facebook she does this all the time.
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    I closed my facebook account permanently a few years ago, biggest liberation ever.

    What pees me off so badly is seeing people hogging the computers at uni for nothing but pointless facebooking. Especially when it comes to finals.... Someone get me a bloody crossbow, I'll give then a poke to remember.
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    I dont use Facebook or any other social network but I dont care about the people who use it.
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    (Original post by ACEdwards)
    I'm a guy, 20 years old...and I do have a facebook account. However I have previously deleted it in the past, only to realise it's like not owning a mobile phone. Plus I have a lot of old friends and friends from sport I compete in and random people tag me in pictures of me in my sport which is cool. However I do not like using facebook. I don't even fill out any information about myself let alone upload pictures other than a profile picture.

    It really annoys me when people upload pictures of themselves everyday, or pictures of the food they've just cooked etc. It seems that people live in a 'facebook' kind of way nowadays...where it almost matters more about how they appear on facebook than how they appear to us in real life. My friends are always updating statuses when they go out places, and take photos of what they're doing. I just keep away from all that and I am also really contemplating deleting my facebook again...if it wasnt for all the old friends from my sport and the pictures then I would delete it right away. I guess i'm just the one who is rebelling against the 'modern way of living'...I almost think I should have been born in another era!

    What are your views on this?
    So true!
    To be honest, I do upload the occasional picture from my mobile if it's something funny/weird/interesting that I've come across, however I wouldn't do it just to show off my breakfast. All of my other albums, and tagged photos, are on full-privacy (as well as profile pictures). I only upload photos to use Facebook as a "backup" just in case my computer breaks and I lose the files.
    I really hate it when people upload an obviously edited and self-taken photo just to ask for "likes"! Facebook has turned into a popularity contest, rather than a place to keep in touch...
    I've deactivated mine as it's nearly exam time. I probably won't ever get it permanently deleted, as it's great for keeping contact with friends I have abroad, but I'll probably change my profile picture so it doesn't have my face in it. That way I can feel comfortable knowing that I don't have to worry about people judging my appearance and that I'll only be using it to communicate with friends.
    IMO, it's nobody's business what I've been up to lately! If somebody wants to know, I'd rather they just asked me themselves...
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    For me there's nothing wrong with Facebook. It's just annoying how some people use it
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    I deactivated mine today and I haven't really used it much since last summer. My friend is in USA for a month and I just told him to email me, anyone who needs to contact me has my phone number and if someone needed to get in contact with me urgently they would ask a friend for my phone number or something. People need to think before they post on facebook, they need to say to themselves 'what is the actual point of me writing that I am in bed or that I need a drink, will people really care?' it has turned into an addiction that people need to take control of, last week I counted that someone changed their status 20 times in one day. Twitter is even worse, the whole hash tag thing makes my soul hurt.
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    Just unsubscribe the news feed from those people or alternatively delete them as people have already said. I basically have no newsfeed anymore because of of the stuff on FB is BS haha.
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    (Original post by ACEdwards)
    I guess i'm just the one who is rebelling against the 'modern way of living'...I almost think I should have been born in another era!

    What are your views on this?
    Yawn, facebook.

    For those who update and check it constantly, it's just an attention grabber/seeker - hey look at me, just visited the bathroom to do my business!

    Look at me, I have a zillion friends, including people I don't even know, or even managers/bosses who I would be better not having, because I forget they're friends and I'm always posting my drunken/half naked photos without thinking, just because I have to post something.

    Like, who cares?

    It seems to be good for people who have little to no life to appear that they do have one.

    In saying that, for those who love it, great way to waste your life away.

    Yes OP you should have been born in a different era.

    I do wonder, since this is the Facebook generation that can't cope without sharing their entire life online - what will things be like in 5-10 years time?
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    (Original post by ufo2012)
    I do wonder, since this is the Facebook generation that can't cope without sharing their entire life online - what will things be like in 5-10 years time?
    I dread to think.
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    i thought some of my friends were bad but i saw my 15 year old cousin recently... she doesn't get off the thing, she spends all her time pestering people on chat and has a special chat section called "boys"... she should be out meeting up with them instead of sitting in front of the computer. i do worry about it because i hope she actually knows them!

    i really like facebook for photos, keeping in touch, free messaging etc. but there are bits i don't like, like the attention seeking, fakeness, obsession, posing, self absorption etc.
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    I posted before in this thread about a friend being in USA for a month and we agreed to contact via email as I left facebook, it turns out he rarely emails me but still posts multiple updates on facebook every day as I checked using my brothers account, in this generation if you don't have twitter or facebook people think you are not worth knowing.
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    I still use facebook and I like the site.
    I see where you're coming from and it is sensible enough - only thing which annoys me are people who appears to hate facebook and everybody on it and spend loads of time complaining about it. Then get off it. If you dislike everybody who's on facebook, then surely you'd love to not be in touch with them? Truth is most people are on it, even your friends, and people may dislike the focus around it, they feel jealous of others' lives or they are just not "pictures people". I think those who are not into it exaggerates the focus of activity. Nobody has ever claimed that having few updates, photos or friends translates to being a loser. I know some people with few photos who are clearly on-social and lead very boring lives, but I also know some very popular and outgoing people with very little online information. There is really no 'pattern' with these things, so there is no need to stress too much. My friends are my friends regardless of what their profiles look like. Girls will always fall for a guy in real life, and guys will always prefer the girl who's beautiful in person and perhaps not in a photo than those girls with the very flattering angels (fat girl + photo taken from above = cleavage) or the 35 year old who managed to look 19. It may SEEM as if your online profile counts for it all, but we all know it doesn't.

    I don't do status updates, I don't see the point of it and I rarely have something 'random' to say to everybody. I do photos though, but in limited amount. If I'm out with friends I might take one or two and post if it's nice, or I'll take some when I'm on holiday. I think an album with 10 nice, interesting photos is much better than an album with 150 of drunk people, 10 duplicates and a photo of an arm or elbow. Or those who go "my bday part 1" and carries on forever.
    If someone annoys me, I'll take them off my newsfeed, as easy as that.
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    What I find odd about this "Facebook" society we seem to live in, is the whole "I must take a picture of everything" mentality...

    People taking pictures of food and saying "yum"... I mean, what?

    Also, whenever I go clubbing or even out in general, it just seems like one giant photo opportunity, people everywhere just taking photos. I can understand taking one or two photos to look back on in time but 100+ photos of the same group of people posing? Seriously?

    It's like people wanna prove to people they're doing something with their lives or summet.


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