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What are you really excited for?

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    Can be anything...big or small!

    Mine personally are

    - Summer time
    - Buying my first dslr soon
    - The new series of downtown abbey to start
    - The nandos I will be eating tomorrow
    - Going to see the RHCP play in june

    What are you excited for?
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    Meeting a friend tomorrow, going to the US over the summer, going to University.
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    im excited for christmas
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    Derren Brown tomorrow!!
    Holidays to Benidorm, Santa Susanna and Blackpool.
    Starting uni.
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    -Starting at the gym (although I'm also nervous...)
    -Fall To Grace - Paloma Faith
    -Electra Heart - Marina and the Diamonds
    -Master Of My Make-Believe - Santigold
    -Seeing The Band Perry in July
    -University in September
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    The Avengers
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Men in Black 3
    The Dictator
    The amazing Spiderman

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    • Allowing myself to get BF3

    • Getting better, at some point..

    • Graduating, at some point..

    • Finishing learning to drive, at some point..

    • Making movies (other than of an adult nature) with my nice new DSLR, at some point..
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    The apocalypse.
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    Major sporting events
    Getting a really good job
    Going out with friends
    Getting laid for the first time :teehee:
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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEK lol i think i love rollercoasters wayyyy to much ahhaa :')
    and well ahem this may sound nerdy but i kinda want to get my mock results out of the way heheh...
    im also looking forward to going on holiday and having a spending spree at top shop (*guilty shopaholic*)
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    Moving to Edinburgh to start uni.
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    Going on holiday with my friends
    Finishing my exams
    Going to Uni
    My next meal

    wow im hungry
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    My holiday in 11 days wheey
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    - Fish sampling in the weekend (which involves no identification)
    - Finishing the first year of uni
    - Summer


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