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Am I the only one who really couldn't care less about the Olympics?

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    The Olympics are not about watching some people run around a track. It's about looking at a thousand five hundred year old tradition, where almost no matter what is going on in the world between countries, we sit down and enjoy some sport together.

    If you don't care about the Olympics fine. Just SHUT THE **** UP and let the rest of us that do enjoy it.

    I haven't read all the other posts as to remain impartial to individuals.

    As a Games Maker, I am obviously FOR the Olympics, whether it be in London or anywhere else around the world. If it doesn't interest you, or you don't care for it, that's fine - each to their own, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. There's no real point in debating the pros and cons with each other, because no party will back down will they? Agree to disagree, move on. Enjoy the Olympics if you love it, ignore them if you don't...simple.

    (Original post by Joe909)
    Obviously lower class.
    nope upper middle

    We didnt sign up to the Olympics, we signed up to live in North Korea.

    (Original post by py0alb)
    and I bet the commentary will be hideously biased, naively assuming that people give three ****s about some anonymous nobody beating some other anonymous nobody at some pointless activity just because he happens to have been born in the same country as us.
    ..and this is any different to supporting whoever during the [football] European Championship or World Cup?

    The intense hard work and training you have to go through, I'd be insulted if I were branded a 'nobody' having won an Olympic medal. I'd also question the criteria of becoming a 'somebody'.

    Finally SOMEONE!!!!!! I couldn't care less myself .... ahaha

    I'm annoyed more than anything else. I live in London, so my parents' council tax is going towards this instead of fixing the gazillion potholes on my road, I have to put up with the insane amounts of people in London during this time (two hour wait for a train at London Bridge? No thank you) and I don't get to see any events because quite frankly they screwed up with the ticketing.

    I'm sure if I was actually seeing an event, I'd be much more positive about the whole thing, but right now it's just a nuisance.

    But actually, I'm much more interested in the Winter Olympics. I'm a bit of a ski junkie myself and I prefer winter sports. Really hoping I'll be able to go to the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, especially because they're introducing freeskiing!

    because quite frankly they screwed up with the ticketing.
    If they did (?) as you say, how would you have done it differentially?
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Updated: May 7, 2012
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