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The Jerry Springer Show

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    Who watches this? I think it's one of the most stupidest shows out there. The people taking part are exploited by Jerry Springer and his team which is extremely unethical. For example, the boxing bell, obviously they are trying to create fights but then have the bodyguards there to let them fight for a second or so THEN break it up.

    This show actually riles me up into an annoyed frenzy! Anyone else feel the same?
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    Is it still going? I don't think the people on it take it seriously, they know what its all about. Jeremy kyle is much worse.
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    You know it's all staged, right?
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    If it happens to be on and there is nothing else worth watching I might watch a bit for the comedy value.
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    (Original post by Sternumator)
    Is it still going? I don't think the people on it take it seriously, they know what its all about. Jeremy kyle is much worse.
    At least Jeremy kyle helps people who really want/need it. Jerry springer just makes everything worse!
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    The boxing bell doesn't create fights, it usually rang after fights start. Anyway, it's been known for sometime that Jerry Springer either stages his show or exaggerates to create more drama. It's a pretty entertaining show.
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    Surprised so many people on here watch it! It's something I found entertaining when I was about 11.
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    I personally love it.

    But that's just me.
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    Jon Culshaw's take on Jeremy Kyle from ages ago.
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    i see no problem with it, its worse than the jeremy kyle show though ... legal bare baiting as one judge called it:rolleyes:
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    JERRY JERRY JERRY!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously though it's not very good, just a put on for people who like watching others fight. I don't know if it is staged or not, but I certainly get that impression a lot of the time.


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Updated: April 19, 2012
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