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So scared. Possible needle prick.

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    I was in a really **** night cub on Saturday, playing rave music where drugs were most likely pretty rife. When at about 2am I sat down, and noticed a little spot of blood on my hand, I wiped it and saw I had a very little cut, like a needle prick. Instantly i was worried. I woke up next morning still worried and as the cut has scabed over its about 3mm wide and about 8mm long. Bigger than the original cut.

    Monday and Tuesday I was tired than normal and had a very slight cold since then.

    After some Googleing today I'm completely ****ting myself that It could have been a needle and I could have caught something, at worst HIV.

    I know I can't get tested for 3 months so I don't know. Am I over worrying? Any advice?

    Apologies for mistakes, from a mobile.

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    I very much doubt it was a needle stick injury, it's rare to encounter people taking IV drugs at a rave. It's probably much more likely that it was a bit of broken glass that you have cut yourself on.


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Updated: April 19, 2012
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