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AS Chemistry doubt

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    (Original post by UserInvalid)
    I guess your talking about unit 2 edexcel chemistry which I will take the exam also.

    I got confused in this aswell, I believe this is not required. You just need to know this.

    Have you done physics unit 1 btw?
    Yeah, it is Edexcel Unit 2 Chemistry.
    I'm sure that it isn't of the utmost importance to understand the statement but to go ahead without being able to comprehend anything I've come across is a tall order for me.
    Matter of fact, yes, I have finished Unit 1 Physics - did that in the January session.
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    (Original post by Aahmsil)
    Doubtful but thank you for that.
    At least now I have some ideas to play with!
    Under what topic heading was the sentence written?

    I'm thinking of the 3 forces that are Van der Waals (induced dipole-dipole), permanent dipole-dipole, and Hydrogen bonding. Not sure about the 4th though.

    Although other groups of 4 things that I can think of are types of crystals.
    Ionic crystals, metallic crystals, molecular crystals and macromolecular (giant atomic) crystals.


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Updated: April 19, 2012
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