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Have you had any embarrassing moments? Share them here.. 27-02-2015
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    It's very exciting
    We end with Stevie Wonder
    Face the day with a great cuppa
    Subject to status terms and conditions apply
    Available from only £199 per month
    For everything electrical
    Acres of flowers bedding plants and trees
    The union is deciding its next move
    Roberto di Matteo is urging caution
    Add loads of spec as standard
    Receive fifty free music downloads
    Keep on walking baybee
    Your love is my only desire
    Written by his student Porphyry
    He studied with a man called Ammonias Sakkas
    He opened a kind of public philosophical school
    From the so-called Middle Platonists
    You wanna relate everything to numbers, right ?
    They thought the whole world had a soul
    This is totally crucial for the rest of the programme
    What is the One ?
    The form of the Good is compared to the sun
    The form of the good is a kind of super form if you like
    A very strange discussion of the One as the ultimate reality
    Delays on the Frank Perkins Parkway going up to Boongate
    This is a bit patronising, a bit sexist
    We assume it's because of the weather
    Talking of the rain here's Travis
    He postulates the universe of intellect as a seat for these forms
    We've mentioned the Chaldaean oracles
    You assimilate to the eternity of the one
    His side enjoyed seventy two percent of possession
    Good to have you on the programme


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