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... ucas track?

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    so on my ucas track I have a few offers.

    The decisions used to be clickable in red.. but now some of them are black and I can't check them.

    Does this mean my decision is closed? And I can't reply to these anymore and accept them?
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    hello? anyone?!! THIS IS URGENT.
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    We can't see what you're seeing on your screen, so were going to be of little help whatever we say.
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    (Original post by hannahchan)
    hello? anyone?!! THIS IS URGENT.
    Answer to the majority of UCAS questions: PHONE UP!
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    ... here is a screen shot of what I mean.. .
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    (Original post by shezshez)
    We can't see what you're seeing on your screen, so were going to be of little help whatever we say.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    ^ A screenshot of what I mean.. thanks. .
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    (Original post by balletlover)
    I think you need a conditional/unconditional/unsuccessful from West London before you can make decisions
    I see so the black decisions mean??

    Just that they are set in stone?
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    Click on the red course code. That'll bring up each offer in more detail, including any conditions and the like.

    You won't be able to reply to offers until you've received a response from West London though...
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    I found that mine changed too (no idea why) but the same information came up when I clicked on the course code as it had done when I used to click on their decision... Also no you won't be able to respond to anything until you've got an unconditional/conditional/declined response from everywhere so you "invitation" is stopping you replying currently.
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    Also here it says if you haven't received all your decisions yet you have longer than others to respond to your offers.
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    yep, you need to wait or tell the invitation Uni to reject you. Or you can go to whatever invitation it is (i'd assume its interview) and hope for a conditional or something. You need to wait until the all Unis reply to you as conditional/unconditional/unsuccessful before you can reply, Unless if that Uni changed to invitation from something, then I don't know how you managed to be able to reply.


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