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Girls, do you prefer men to call you 'babe' or 'darling'?

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    Alright, babe?
    Alright, darling?

    For me, the darling one seems something a dirty working class man would say on a building site, every time a piece of skirt walked past him and his lads as they each ogled at The Sun during theit lunchbreak.

    However, if I am familiar with someone, I always say "alright, babe?". Some of my friends call me babe too. It doesn't have to mean that you're dating.

    Or should it be first name terms at all times unless you're being sexually intimate?
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    I'd feel really silly attempting either of those greetings.
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    I think 'bitch' always comes across well, especially in formal situations, or when you are meeting someone for the first time.
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    I use their name, and if I don't know it I'll avoid calling them anything and probably just say "excuse me...". Calling people babe, hun, pal, bledrin is something I'm never going to do. "Mate" is probably the only thing I can manage.
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    Well, if it's a friend, neither. If it's a boyfriend, I don't know, kind of becomes not-so-odd for either.

    Regardless though, it could be worst, just don't start going up to women and saying things like "Wagwan geeza, mi name's Joey, i'm from essex ye rudebwoiii n' i'm ****ing reem, son "
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    Both will work if you are from Made in Chelsea
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    my name is just fine, thanks
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    Neither, because my uncle calls me both since it's so ingrained in his vocabulary. I'll make my him a cup of tea and his automatic response is 'cheers babe' or when he sees me he'll say: "You alright darling?"

    He's the only person I don't mind saying it because I'm used to it from him.
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    Alright Luv? - for old women
    Alright sexy? - too flirtatious and desperate
    Alright darling? - too working class
    Alright babe? friendly and sincere
    Alright girl? Too impersonal
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    Neither, really - I'd rather just be called by my name. Fair enough if you do like being called either but it makes me cringe. In the early stages of our relationship my boyfriend called me "babe" once and I immediately told him never to do that again :p:
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    How about you call me by my name; is that too much to ask? :P
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    i try this new approach, their names. dat **** cray.
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    I only allow close friends to call me darling, since we're joking. I only allow it as a joke since it's pointlessly mushy.

    Babe is a horridly unpleasant word to call anyone, I hate the sound and I hate the connotations.

    Sweetheart etc. also annoys me, more common from women than men that I've found. Please just ask my name. I have one.

    'Dear' is okay assuming you don't know their name, it's like, 'dear so and so', a little less intimate without being patronising.
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    Either one makes me cringe a little. I have a perfectly good name for people to use if they want to talk to me.
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    I say "Hey/hello stranger" sometimes.
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    Depends on the person....some do some don't
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    I use darling/love occasionally for girls I know. Babe just seems tacky.
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    I have a name for a reason.
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    Neither haha
    I'd rather be called ma chérie d'amour


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Updated: April 20, 2012
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