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The Pill - do you class it as medication?

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    I'm applying to be a volunteer at a kids' summer camp over the summer for my Gold D of E residential, and there's a section on the form where it asks you to list any medication that you take.

    Should I include the Pill on this list? I'd have thought not seeing as I'm on it for mainly contraceptive reasons rather than because of heavy/painful/irregular periods but I just wanted to make sure.

    I always include the Pill when asked to list medications. Mind you when I had an occ health appointment I also told them about the shoulder injury I got 9 years ago that won't affect my new job. My policy is to give them all the information and let them decide what's relevant.

    I would include it.
    It doesn't really matter why you are taking it. The fact is that it is a medication that you are taking.
    It is always better to include it and for them to ignore it if necessary than to withhold information.

    it doesn't matter why you take it, it IS medication

    It's a prescribed medicine so yeah. You only have to include any form of tablets or medicine that you take with you incase you get rushed to hospital or whatever and the doctors know what tablets etc you might have taken in the last few hours cos that could affect what treatment they can give you although TBH I don't see how a pill would affect that, but you're better safe than sorry.

    Yes do include it. Include the scientific drug name if you're worried about people snooping. Its relevant information if you're in a medical emergency.

    Yes, it is best to put it down as medication. After all, it is prescribed.


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