Room 101

    Basically, ROOM 101 is a room where you place the things you hate most in the world and would like to see them disappear forever. Just put down 3 things that you would like to place into ROOM 101, can be anything from 'Poverty' to ‘Peanuts’.

    I'll start,

    1. Alex Furgeson
    2. People without manners
    3. Chavs

    1. Robert Downey Jr.

    2. Stuck up toffs

    3. Body warmers

    3. Slow Drivers

    1. The Go Compare advert.
    2. One Direction.
    3. Kim Kardashian.

    1. Sadists
    2. Sociopaths
    3. People who bond via the medium of bitching.

    I could write a list of 100, but those three are somewhere near the top.

    1. glee
    2. cancer
    3.the number 9 (random )

    1, People who say "random" like above poster
    2, People who start sentences with "The awkward moment when...
    3, Glee

    Why all the Glee hate?

    1. Poverty
    2. Exams
    3. Classes that take place before 11am.

    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Rebecca Black
    3. Lil Wayne

    1. Hayley Megill :cool:
    2. Chavs
    3. Murderers


    As far as I'm concerned I'd give my life to make the world a significantly better place, so I'll happily give up personal gain from this.


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: April 19, 2012

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