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It's just not going in :/

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    Lol at first I saw the title and was like "this thread belongs in sexual health".

    Perhaps you're over-working, are you taking regular breaks?
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    I read the thread title thinking this might be an intimacy issues :facepalm:

    OP, to answer your question, especially for Chemistry, i'll PM you.
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    I have a perverted mind
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    I remembered one type of bonding through this picture that said "The names bond, ionic bond. Taken, not shared."
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    strong title
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    +1 for disappointment at non penis-themed thread.
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    i found this with maths- my teacher said keep hitting at it (haha sexual connotation) and eventually it'll get in.
    today ive managed to answer most of a C2 paper, so she was right.
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    take a break, get on the lash. :awesome:
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    that's what she said
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    Oh man, you´ve got to make sure it´s erected first...
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    thats exactly what happens to me as well. I make notes and try to revise but when it comes to tests i just forget everything.
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    (Original post by toff33popcorn)
    I find myself revising and writing notes and reading things out loud and saying them over and over and over again and just doing proper revision, and then I get to past papers and self timing and i just go completely blank. It's as if all the revision Ive done just hasn't gone in. It's gotten to the point where I'm forgetting basic definitions, for example, a chemistry past question was ''Define Covalent Bonding'' and I had to go back and check it up cause I completely blanked out! I'm so scared this might happen to me in the real exam and all this stressing out has led to major headaches

    Am I the only one who feels like this?
    It's because you are not doing "proper revision". Rote learning is not useful, other than for the odd 1 mark question (eg. what is the bond angle in water), it's pointless. The only way things will "go in" is if you actually attempt to understand and apply this knowledge, ie. by doing questions. Do questions with a textbook open, and then do some with it closed, it helps. If you can't do an exam question, don't stress out, just look up the answer, write it out, and make sure you understand it - you will learn it eventually. Even definitions don't need to be memorised, because if you have a critical understanding of what the word/phrase means you should be able to define it anyway. I think the reason so many people fail subjects like chemistry is because they believe memorising the textbook is the way to pass an exam: GCSE biology - maybe, A-level chemistry - definitely not.

    Aside from your revision technique, it also sounds to me like you're overworking and consequently overstressing yourself. Short bursts of revision are better than grinding away hours and hours and getting yourself in a mess over it.


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