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Student Finance/accommodation

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    I am currently underway with the above and I was wondering (this may be a stupid and obvious question) but do you have to organise both your firm and insurance finance and accommodation or just your firm? Im guessing its both but i just want to make sure
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    You only put one uni down for your finance, this should be your firm. If you end up going to your insurance just ring them and they'll change it. Accommodation depends on your insurance unis policy, most of them don't require you to apply for it unless you end up there in August.
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    I've got a question to, do you sort your accommodation out through direct gov or the uni you want to go to?
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    Some unis let you apply for accommodation if they're your firm. You need to check the uni website.
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    (Original post by bahjat93)
    I've got a question to, do you sort your accommodation out through direct gov or the uni you want to go to?
    Accomodation is dealt with by the university.


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