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Which Cardiff accommodation?

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    (Original post by tweeto)
    What puts me off a little about the flats, is the extremely small study table. This is going by the picture and 360 view of the room on the website. I assume it's the same in all the flat rooms?

    Thinking of maybe changing my first choice to Cartwright, as it's nearly a £1000 cheaper and an en-suite, although would be great, is not essential!

    Thanks for your reply's, they have been extremely helpful!

    p.s, what way does the shared bathroom work (in the flats)? Do you both have a door in your room? I assume you can lock the other persons door from the inside when you are in? Otherwise........arkward!! :zomg:
    Hey, glad to have been of help. I just wish someone had told me all this before I started too! Yeah the study desks are much bigger in Cartwright Court than the other acommodation. I'd say my desk was almost 2metres long, compared to around 1 metre in Taly South. I could only fit my laptop and lamp on there, but in Cartwright had my laptop, 6 folders, photo frames, lamp and plenty of space for books etc. I'll upload a photo below for you to see.

    The shared bathroom is exactly as you described, yeah. You go in and lock the other person's door from inside and then unlock it when you're done. You can also lock your own door from within your room if you're worried the other person will come in uninvited.

    Here's the desk:

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    Oh cool, looks very nice! I was being put off by the photo on the accommodation website of the flat (shown below).

    I think i'll defo change my choice now! The extra £850 will come in handy!


    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Original post by tweeto)
    Oh cool, looks very nice! I was being put off by the photo on the accommodation website of the flat (shown below).

    I think i'll defo change my choice now! The extra £850 will come in handy!


    Click image for larger version. 

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    LOL @ the desk. I haven't seen any rooms at Cartwright like that, so I wouldn't worry about it. I can see why you were reluctant though. The photo must have been before the rooms were renovated.

    Cartwright would be a good call, especially in terms of saving £850. Worth noting that it's only a 15 minute walk to the university buildings too, so no further away than Talybont.
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    (Original post by Plutonium)
    Straight physics? I'm doing Astro
    I'm doing astro as well
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    (Original post by hchawn)
    I'm doing astro as well
    This is amazing. I think you're the...third person I have found who is also studying Astrophysics at Cardiff
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    Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Taly South! Place to beee!
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    Hey guys. I'm a first year doing Maths. I'm also Social Secretary for Cardiff University Mountaineering Club and I'm working at the Student Development Unit (Third floor Students Unions) 2012/13. My friend is trying to choose accommodation and so I gave him this rant. You may find this useful.. It's pretty rushed!

    Friend: I will be doing music and i would like to be with people who obviously wanna go out a lot, close to subject building and definitely ensuite, there probably the main things... Ohh and if possible car parking spaces, or somewhere where you can just leave your car xxx

    My longass reply:
    the ones i know are ensuite are talybonts, some uni halls, allensbank (near heath i believe), colum hall, gordon hall, senghennydd hall

    where im at, at the moment. most expensive, closest to the talybont entrance in comparison of all talys. all talys have their own car parks so youd need to look on the website to see how much it costs. the kitchens have an american diner table which i found horrible for trying to have flat meals cos its quite high up and thin so you hve to sit on tall chairs. i live above reception with the double windows. this house isnt the most socialable because our hallways are quite long. you usually get to know ur floor. noise isnt too much of a problem. u can never hear other flats, only your own. i wouldnt choose this because its not really worth the money and i think its okay to not live in the nicest flat in first year because its more about the experience. next year youll live in a nice house

    north is closest to big tesco, but varies. you can be right next to tesco or quite near to south. taly south - mid way in between court and north. north is the livest place to live, everyones really sociable and south is similar. because you'll be driving, the distance doesnt really matter but it isnt even that long and its a massive plus side you have grass around you and big tesco near. the rooms are smaller than court but still liveable and the kitchens are pretty tiny butyou have a proper table! lol

    if i were you, i'd go on an accom tour because i didnt and i really regret it

    the furthest away. i would stay away lol. not worth it and its not even that much cheaper

    i have no idea about. its usuall for medics and etc but you'l be on cathays campus so its too far

    ive not actually been there. its opposite the business school and very near to uni. about 5/8mins walk away. no parking i think, but im not too sure.

    no idea lol

    now, this is the closest one to town, and in cathays. i wanted to move to here from court half way thorugh the year but they never got back to me. its opposite senghennydd court and dnt get them confused. seng court is a ****hole lol. seng hall i found is a odd version of taly. i think you'll have to see it to see if you like it. its right next tothe maths building and i think it does have parking right next to it. its about 3/5mins from town and its round the back of the union. you get evening meals and for what you pay, its not actually that bad.

    i'd say go for talys, senghennydd hall or colum hall

    i found taly far to walk. for me it was only 15/20mins, but even so, still an effort when my friends could stroll out of bed to uni. being that far meant i did miss 9am lecturses cos i had to wake up earlier than everyone else. you have to taxi to town and etc. its 20/30mins walk to town so on a night out, you wouldnt be able to walk back.

    colum hall and senghennydd are good distances. have a look at them and if u want to speak to ppl living there, i can get you into contact. good luck!! xxxxxxxxx

    Any Q about anything related to Cardiff Uni, msg me!
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    For anyone who has firmed Cardiff, this facebook page might be of interest! It's not mine btw, I just think it needs more people :P https://www.facebook.com/CardiffUniversityFreshers2012
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    I would highly recommend any of the Talybonts. Having just finished my first year living in Taly North I can honestly say I've had the time of my life! It's a 5 minute walk away from Tesco, Mcdonalds, and KFC and considering the price it's not too bad. A lot of people complain about the beds being uncomfy or the showers not being very good but at the end of the day you get your moneys worth. It's not luxury but it's not terrible! I personally think Taly South is the noisiest out of all the accommodations, but if you're up for a non stop party then it's the perfect place. If you don't like the look of Talybont then I would secondly recommend Senghennydd Court; it's basically the same as Talybont except it's smaller and you have the choice of having a shared bathroom. It's also a lot closer to the city centre and the University so it's easier to get to your lectures, plus there's loads of Takeaways nearby!
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    Just finished first year in Taly North. Pretty cheap as Uni accommodation goes, no issues with room size, unless you've got tonnes and tonnes of stuff there shouldn't be any problems unless you've got very high expectations. House itself was pretty social, out of 12 flats (3 on each floor), 9 or so saw eachother all the time, although there were a few people who people literally saw once or twice over the whole year. Very convenient for Tesco/McDonalds/KFC. Takes about 20-25 minutes to get to the main Uni buildings in town. Taly North isn't perfect, South seemed a bit more social between the houses although that might be because they're all in a line along a road as opposed to a bit more spread out like North, although to be honest North and South seem fairly similar. Overall I'd recommend North if you want to have a good time and be close to Tesco, security and location make it pretty safe too, although a couple of bikes were nicked in freshers.
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    Hi everyone , I want 12 week contract accommodation for next semester starts from September untill December ,please help me I couldn't find any accommodation less than 20weeks help meeeee

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    Hey Hey Hey people
    I've got Talybont South House 25..
    Anyone else in the same house or close by?? Lemme know!



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