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Stomach Ulser

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    This past week I've been getting stomach cramps. I notice that when I'm hungry, instead of the rumbling noise I used to get, I just get cramps that sort of feel like they're pulsing.

    I take Ibuprofen every four hours for 5ish days a month and quite a lot of the times I take it on an empty stomach. This week was the week I was taking it (stopped two days ago which is the day the symptoms began).

    If I have a stomach ulcer, what kind of foods should I be eating? At the moment my diet is atrocious, I eat fast food and drink carbonated drinks (very acidic) daily. I've noticed that after eating Mc Donalds I always get cramps.

    Any advice on improving my diet to get rid of an ulcer? Also, any breakfast ideas? I eat my breakfast at 8:15ish and by 10 my stomach is empty and I'm starving. My lunch isn't until 1:30 and usually my stomach would occasionally rumble but I'm worried that tomorrow I'm going to have to put up with the stomach cramps. I've tried wholemeal toast with boiled eggs, cereal which is complex carbohydrates. Nothing fills me up for long.

    Thank you.




    (Original post by sword)


    You mean Ulcer?

    Go to your GP.

    If you actually have a stomach ulcer, then you need proper medical treatment and advice, not just a change in diet. Go and see your GP.

    Try not to worry too much though, if it's only stomach cramps it's probably not an ulcer. Especially considering that you've not had a loss of appetite.

    Hi, i'm a patient of ulcerative colitis. Which is basically what you have but in an elevated state.

    Make your diet simple, e.g rice, bread, water, etc.Then introduce different types of food. see how you feel.


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Updated: April 20, 2012
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