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How can I get a decent car insurance quote at 17?

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    Hello, I am currently 16, and will be turning 17 come September. Obviously, as everybody else want to, I would like to be able to drive. To get to the college which I will be attending, it is 3 hours bus journey per day, and being able to drive would cut down on the time taken to get there and back substantially! But, it seems impossible to get a car insurance quite which I can realistically afford!
    Does anybody know how or where I can get an affordable car insurance quote?

    Thanks in advance, Charlie
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    Dream on.

    It will be cheaper to rent a flat in the same area as your college.
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    Get your CBT and get a moped. So much cheaper.
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    grow boobs and lose the adams apple
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    You cannot do such things because you would probably crash into walls.
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    At your age, whatever you do (legally), it will be at the very least £1500<
    And that is if you have something like a Fiat Seicento and live in a crime free area.
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    I passed my test when I was 18 and had to wait until I was 19 almost 20 to get a car so I could afford the insurance.
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    I got insured on a brand new VW for £927 as main driver when I was 18. Try Admiral and get your parents to swap to them for the multicar discount.
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    (Original post by Chiko 1001)
    I got insured on a brand new VW for £927 as main driver when I was 18. Try Admiral and get your parents to swap to them for the multicar discount.
    How the hell did you manage that?
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    Admiral, mutlicar discount as my mum moved to admiral, and I added her as a named driver. Boom.
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    Cooperative young drivers! So cheap!
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    You could try pretending you are female. If i were female m(assuming i still had thethe same car) my insurance would be halved (£700 down from £1500).
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    So many silly answers on here but anyway what you need to be looking at is Co-op's Young Driver Insurance. Their quotes are tailored towards guys like you, so first off get your mum to be the main policy holder and then you, a named driver on the policy. Also if she's got a No Claims Bonus that she's willing to let you have (can only be used on one car at a time), then that would definitely bring your quote down substantially.
    Hope this helped.
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    Am I right in thinking that the coop fit a black box to your car?!
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    (Original post by 1992LP)
    Am I right in thinking that the coop fit a black box to your car?!
    That's one of their schemes, yes. They fit a 'smartbox' to your car, and it measures the way you drive (speed, corner speed, how sharply you brake, what times of day you drive etc.), then it adjusts the price you pay every few months based on that.

    They do also do regular insurance, though.


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