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Applying to A-level

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    Hi people. I am currently studying GSCE's in ICSS. I want to enter Charterhouse or Westminster. The thing is that i am an overseas applicant therefore my knowledge of language is not as good as yours. So, could you please tell me if I have any chances of entering these kind of schools?:confused:

    I am doing very well in academics and sports btw
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    Hm...I don't think being an overseas applicant would limit the linguistic knowledge of a person (just in my opinion) and i don't think schools necessarily focus on your linguistic abilities but on being academically able on every single subjects you take and of course being true to yourself (which you could display during your interviews)

    Me = got accepted by Charterhouse (Y)
    I'm a chinese yet i suck at chinese (how ironic lol) and i'm generally more able when it comes to english so when i applied to charterhouse i have written my first language as english (i'm generally more comfortable and able in speaking english relative to chinese sooo yeah)
    As a result of writing my first language as being english i did not have to take any english exams when i applied to Charterhouse. I only had to take the numeracy test (which is non-calculatored paper?) and 2 other subjects of your own choice (me = further maths and chemistry). However, I think you have to display yourself as being a first language english speaker during the interview in order for the school to recognize you as being competent in english (i have no idea actually lol) Ohh and i'm studying IB in Charterhouse so i don't know whether choosing different curriculums affects the chances of getting in?

    But generally speaking, a lot of my friends from my school applied to schools such as oundle, city of london freeman, tonbridge, woldingham, st.catherine and all the other top A-Level schools. Since i'm not taking the A-levels and that i'm not really familiar with this curriculum, my advices may not be the best. My sister also applied to Westminster but westminster's admission = extremely difficult. From what i have heard and read, both charterhouse and westminster's admissions = extremely competitive but i think westminster's admission = harder than charterhouse? (idek since i didn't apply to westminster)

    If you're doing well in sports then it's a good thing (assuming that you attend extra-curricular activities?) as the school you're currently studying in (ICSS?) will have to write a recommendation letter to the school you're applying for and the recommendation letter will include the extra-curricular activities you attend as well as including things such as being academically exceptional, outgoing personality in terms of playing a lot of sports etc etc.

    So dont worry! I'm sure you'll be able to get in if you 1) Do well in your interview (from what i have read Charterhouse interviews = extremely important?) and always make sure to stay true to yourself and 2) Do well in your entrance exams (as this is were the elimination of applicants occurs)


    ps. if you go to charterhouse's official website, you will see in the "admission" section that the acceptance for boys (around 15 boys accepted each year) is wayyy lower than the acceptance for girls (around 50 girls?) So this may also affect the chances of getting in!


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Updated: May 8, 2012
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