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Areas/prices for apartments to rent nearest clubs in leeds?

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    Firstly what are the main clubs in leeds? i see oceana is one which was epic in bristol and I think I went to the one in leeds once and it was immense.

    What sort of areas should I be looking at to be close to all the clubs in leeds? Not too close though that Im ON TOP of all the drunken rabble of a weekend but rather like 5 mins walking distance? Also what sort of prices would I be looking at for such a location?

    I currently pay 550/pm for a 2 bedroom in manc centre however less would obv be better as its a bit of a stretch but itd be worth it to find another equivalent one in leeds.
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    look at a place called Clarence Dock, it's pretty close, only a few minutes walk from the Calls which has a lot of bars and a couple of smaller clubs, but then only a 5/10 minute walk to the main clubs like Oceana. depending on which flat size etc you want I think it's about £500-£600 a month
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    hmm Im not a student any more mind and this seems to be aimed at students from what I see.
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    (Original post by Harambulus)
    hmm Im not a student any more mind and this seems to be aimed at students from what I see.
    Clarence Dock isn't a student development. There are student flats near it, but the main complex is flats for professionals. It is fairly expensive if you want a 2 bed (more like 750PCM). If you want city centre apartments near Oceana, somewhere like Aspect 14, Lovell House, Ahlux Court, Millwright Street, Cypress Point would be better. K2 or one of the places on Millennium Square if you have money to burn.

    Basically, why not just look at rightmove.co.uk and get all the properties up on a map within your price range, so you can see where they all are? That's what I'd do.
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    Ye I was just worried initially about getting aplace next to one of the more grubby areas since I dont know the city yet.

    That not so much of an issue if I get something anywhere within the inner city ring?

    I know I didnt really know the areas where I moved in to my central apartment in manch beforehand and just sussed it out when I was doing viewings so guess its gonna be the same deal.


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