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One room available to rent for 2012/13 in this mixed sex flat for seven people

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    £80 per week, bills included, FREE INTERNET

    162 Mansfield Road

    This flat has a large open plan kitchen/lounge with washer/dryer, fridge/freezer, microwave, cooker and flat screen TV with sofa seating in the lounge. Fully furnished each bedroom benefits from a 3/4 bed, desk, chair and wardrobe. The flat has two bathrooms each with shower, WC and wash basin, and the whole complex benefits from 24hr CCTV cameras and fully integrated fire alarm system, with each property having its own burglar alarm system. The flat benefits from Free Internet with connection points in every bedroom. The complex is located in a very popular student area, only five minutes walk of both the Nottingham Trent University and the City Centre.
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    This flat is on the 'MegaClose' website where you will find pictures!

    4 girls and 2 boys, all fun and friendly - First years studying fashion, journalism, psychology, property development and economics.

    Lovely flat, however no longer need the room due to a change in personal circumstances.

    I'd be interested, Do you have an email address I can contact you on? For more details and etc. x
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    Sorry just getting you grips with this site!

    I have sent an email to the address you messaged me. Ok if we chat over that? x

    Hey, I'd be interested in the flat as I've recently found out that my plans for accomodation next year have gone out the window! XD

    If the room is still available please contact me


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Updated: April 26, 2012
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