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Post a beautiful song

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    What If You - Joshua Radin
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    I absolutely love this song, ever since Year 9 English class watching Romeo and Juliet! :love:

    I would have also said Heartbeats but someone got there first!
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    (Original post by notnek)
    I liked it up until the point where I had to sing it in an a capella medley of their songs and ended up having to sing really low notes (I was the tenor part, yet we were given some bass so the altos could sing the main part of some of the songs) and now it just reminds me of how hard it was to go that low.
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    (Original post by a rusH)
    One of the only Coldplay songs I like. Lovely song.
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    I'm a massive Mark Knopfler fan
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    The best version of this song that I've heard (apart from the original, of course!)

    It's not possible to listen to this song and not feel happy afterwards!
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    Just listen.

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    the lyrics in the intro :')
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    Orlando Weeks, marry me?

    Classic. One of the greatest songs of all time.

    I know the songs have very little in common with one another except the fact that they're both beautiful.
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    ..cause we're ordinary people, maybe we should take it slow. :cool:

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    It's a song she wrote about the joy her first child brought her. I've rarely heard music as genuine and lovely as this.
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    A happy song -

    A kinda sad song -
    I especially love the lyrics in this song.
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    Only recently got into this band. They've done some really good songs.
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    first, beautiful singing.
    second, beautiful lyrics and singing.


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Updated: May 15, 2012
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