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art or music gcse?

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    hey, a few weeks ago i chose my gcse options (2) and i chose spanish and geography. my mind went messed up and i could not decide and made changes and so on. now i'm thinking about dropping spanish because i have another three languages and carrying on with geography and either doing art or music gcse. both my teachers think that i could get high marks in both subjects but i can only choose one and i enjoy both. art i enjoy fashion and anything but portraits and music i am grade 4 piano and grade 4 violin. art is also really really really time consuming and you must be really really committed and that it is really really hard to get a good grade in. those who have done music or art, which one is hard and which one would be valuable in the future? aaah what should i do? i really need help because my final decision is tonight!


    dv xx
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    Music if you have grade 4 piano and violin, it is basically down to performances and listening to pieces of music and remembering it
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    If you pick Art... you will spend about 3x as much of your free time on it more than your other subjects. Anecdotal evidence - so only choose that if you are REALLY commited.
    I'd say Music.
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    Music is also a pretty time-consuming subject to study. Myself and my muso mates spent all our free time glued to Sibelius music software on our school computers! :eek:

    So just go for the one you like better :yes:
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    i took both, and right now i'd say you should take art because music is sososo boring. but i like art so only take it if you enjoy it, it is time consuming
    sorry if this is late lol.
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    I took Geography, Spanish and Music GCSE and Music was my biggest regret!
    It really depends on you so don't be put off because I hate it.
    If you enjoy music theory and creating compositions then go for it. It does take up a lot of time cause you need to revise and practice playing a lot but if you think you can do it you should take it. I hate music theory which is probably why I'm dreading my listening exam tomorrow ;D


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