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close + delete pls

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    close + delete pls
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    Well the only 2 I use are AdBlock and FreshStart. Adblock makes browsing a cleaner, better experience, while I just need FreshStart to save tabs

    Reason I don't have any other is because I don't feel I need anything else. There's no other 'gap', so to speak, in my browsing as far as I can tell.
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    Do you get annoyed by youtube commercials?

    Also does fresh start save the tabs so that when I turn off my comp, turn it back on, it would be there?

    Don't get it tbh
    Honestly, I barely ever use youtube. I get bored too quickly on it.

    I think it does that too. But my primary use is saving big tab sessions that I'm likely to come back with in a couple of weeks time. Some examples are when I've specced up a PC with pages open on various different websites. Instead of finding them all again; I can just save that session as 'PC parts'.

    Also I set it to emergency recover every 5 minutes for when I accidentally close chrome using keyboard shortcuts or a slip of my mouse-hand.
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    Adblock <3
    And also Stayfocusd to block websites sometimes
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    (Original post by cambo211)
    Nice. Cheers for that. :yy:
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    Chrome nanny, as it means I can get work done :yes:
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    The facebook zoomy photo thing. It doesn't make me feel like so much of a stalker >:3
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    The most productive one I have installed is FastestChrome - if I see something I want to look up, it's easier to highlight it to find out about it. The other one I use (which isn't already mentioned) is for stopping YouTube's autoplay feature.
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    AdBlock Plus.

    I really don't have any other plugins :s Feel like I'm missing out!
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    For years ive known what it was but never bothered to get it.
    Ive had it for about 2 months now and it just makes everything so clean and simple, no annoying adverts on youtube or flashing crap.


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