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Get bigger pecs

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    Hey. I'm trying to get bigger pecs (and some sort of definition on my chest), but I don't have a gym membership.

    I've got a dumbbell, and recently bought a chest expander thinking this would help. However, I'm not really sure which exercises with the chest expander will help the most? Is just holding it out straight in front, and then moving my arms outwards to stretch it the best exercise?

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    If you want to get bigger pecs without using weights do pushups. Pushups --> Clap pushups --> Weighted Pushups, depending on your strength level.

    I wouldn't waste time with the chest expander thing, i'm not saying its useless but you're much better off doing pushups.
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    Post your height and weight.
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    Learn how to flex your pecs. That is extremely important. Then use that mind muscle connection when you do your pushups/DB benches or whatever.

    Your pectoral muscles are not involved the motion you described. They are mainly involved with internally rotate the shoulder joint and bringing your arms together, hence excercises such as cable crossovers/db flyes etc.
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    Pushups with a rucksack, fill it up when it starts getting easy.
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    7 second pushups, you go down slowly in 4 seconds, hold for 2 without anything touching the floor, up in 1 second and repeat, this extended way has really helped me, and it negates the need to start filling up rucksacks for a while, quick pushups aren't gonna do nearly as much good as these 7 second pushups (or longer) I do 100 (13, 5 seconds, 12, 20 seconds)x4 when doing chest home workouts, and ive seen massive improvement in size a definition (people have been commenting as well :3)
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    incline db press.
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    Weighted dips cause some horrible pains through my chest area...so maybe try them

    +40kg 3x5...I've only just started doing them weighted so I don't even think that is particularly good. I'm guessing dipping + bw is where it is at if lean. Will try and do by the end of the year.
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    Incline flyes gave my the most thickness, but it didnt look nice.

    I started doing LOADS of chest dips and now I have 'slab' shaped pecs and it looks aesthetic

    That sort of shape, the wideness
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    I love boulder shoulders... shame you can only get them on steds.
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    (Original post by McHumpy92)
    I love boulder shoulders... shame you can only get them on steds.
    That's retarded


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Updated: April 24, 2012
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