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Do you put milk in first or last when making tea?

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    milk first - before water
    milk last -after water
    don't have milk/ don't drink milk
    i am a douchebag

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    well, how do you like your tea?
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    definitely after. putting the milk in first, with the teabag, is just weird to me :|
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    I don't know why I do but milk first. However, it just doesn't look right. And I haven't done an experiment comparing the taste of the two methods.
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    Always after.
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    I put my milk in last
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    Always put the milk in after the water, when the teabag has been taken out
    I love a decent brew me!
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    Milk always goes in last. After the tea bag comes out and the sugar (if desired) in.

    And dont mix up the tea bag sugar order or the tea bag will slurp up all the sweetness x
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    (Original post by Pheylan)
    omg! that was epic! hahaha
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    If I'm making it in a mug, the milk goes in after. But if you're making it in a teapot, you're meant to put the milk into the cup first (comes from the days of fragile china cups which would break if too much heat was applied).
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    Always last
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    Always last. It goes:
    Remove teabag
    Stir again.

    No sugar, I'm sweet enough
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    Milk first, as I know how much milk I require. Then add tea bag + hot water, wait for the right colour to appear then remove bag. No sugar.
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    The traditional way is to put the milk in first, as in the olden days they would be able to see if anything was floating in it or it had gone off etc. and then put the water in, but nowadays it's easier to do the opposite for me it's teabag > water > milk

    Edit: my grandparents are very traditional so they do it the other way around when we see them, seems so odd!
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    The tea routine:
    Put teabag in cup, boil water, pour water in, stir a few times till black, pour milk whilst continuing to stir, remove teabag.

    Et voila, tea is ready
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    Milk goes in last.
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    Depends if i'm using a teapot or a teabag. if a teabag, milk only after the teabag has been removed. if a teapot, then it's milk first.
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    It's last, or was when I used to have milk. Lemon is better in tea, but it's rare that I have lemons around lol
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    I always used to put it in first but everyone kept telling me that was wrong, so I put the milk in last now.
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    i don't mind myself... but i really like it if ladies put milk first... i call these ladies milfs
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    I heard putting the milk in causes fats to stick to the teabag and prevents the tea from brewing properly or something. The best way to do it is put the tea bag in the mug, pour boiling water in, leave for 3-5 mins, remove the teabag without squeezing (as this squeezes tanins out and makes the tea astringent) then pour in the milk.


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