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What are the chances of this happening?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm just after a couple of opinions before I go ahead with this idea.

    It's my friends 21st Birthday in the next couple of months and I'm after getting a signed Cristiano Ronaldo shirt for him for his birthday. I don't want to buy one from the internet as they are expensive and I'm not 100% sure if they are all authentic as there's so many fakes out there.

    So I proposed the Idea to buy a Real Madrid shirt and send it in the mail along with a covering letter to Real Madrid explaining what the shirt is for and to see if they would sign and return the shirt. At least then I know that the signature is 100% authentic.

    What do you guys think? and what are the chances of actually getting the shirt signed?
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    I'm guessing it's very unlikely, but it's possible.
    I mean, it is CR7 afterall, he probably gets a lot of this stuff and doesn't care...

    It's possible though.
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    just sign it yourself and say its ronaldo, I doubt he would be able to tell the difference
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    (Original post by Red Richie)
    just sign it yourself and say its ronaldo, I doubt he would be able to tell the difference
    But the whole point of it is to get the real signature haha!
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    To be honest, I think your chances are very slim. I mean just recently FC Barcelona players refused to give signatures to opposing fans on Wednesday.
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    (Original post by Theturnbull9)
    But the whole point of it is to get the real signature haha!
    Tell him it's real and it'll give him the same feeling. Unless he tries to sell it on and gets sued, but then that's his fault for selling your gift
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    No chance i'm afraid. You'll have to buy one.
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    (Original post by Hopple)
    Tell him it's real and it'll give him the same feeling. Unless he tries to sell it on and gets sued, but then that's his fault for selling your gift
    thats an awesome idea actually...

    and while hes at it, may be put a little extra signatures from other celebrities as well...
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    Maybe more chance if there was a sob story with a potential chance of PR for him - think ill children.

    I'd say minimal next to no chance.
  10. Offline - is a reliable site for signed memorabilia. Expensive, but sending a shirt to Madrid won't be cheap, and you're very unlikely to get it back, or if you do it won't be signed as Ronaldo is a business interest for both Madrid and himself.
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    The chances are slim, I expect Real get a lot of requests and Ronaldo in particular, so even if it did happen, you'd be waiting a while. I do have a girl on twitter who sent a letter and got a signed picture back so you could always try that? It's probably a mass produced signature but it's a pretty good idea if the shirt doesn't work out.

    I'd say buy it online. If you can't afford the signed shirt, try for a signed picture.
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    How are you going to know that the shirt you sent off wasn't signed by his secretary, or the work experience boy?
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    In the covering letter you should make up a story like "I came all the way from England to see the match and I was kicked in the face by Spanish Real Madrid fans/I was held at the entrance and missed the match/I was searched and the steward doing the search put his hand over my private area and this made me feel uneasy for the rest of the match and therefore I wasn't able to enjoy the match. As a compensation for the moral damage I demand this shirt be signed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. Otherwise, legal action shall be pursued."
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    I think buying already-signed memorabilia defeats the point unless you win it in a competition or have it signed for free in person. After all, if you don't meet the player it's just an item marked up 4-5 times its usual price having been defaced by a bit of squiggly ink.


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Updated: April 23, 2012
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