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Do people who go to uni really enjoy studying?

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    I'm planning on doing Biological Sciences, some of it I absolutely love but there are parts I loathe, maybe you just haven't found what excites you yet?
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    It's always been a bit hit and miss with me, for the most part I hated my first degree (more for the structure than just content) but I did enjoy final year when we were a bit more free in our learning.

    Now I'm doing a vocational course which I love, but at the same time I don't like learning all of it. I do have a genuine interest in the sciences and spend time learning about a lot of stuff not related to my degree(s) simply because I want to know everything lol- Yes I am a huge geek!

    Not a fan of exams/assignments though. Bleurgh.
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    I doubt many people actually enjoy studying. It's just a way to spend 3 or 4 getting mortal instead of being at work plus you get more money at the end.
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    (Original post by Mr Dangermouse)
    I doubt many people actually enjoy studying. It's just a way to spend 3 or 4 getting mortal
    Getting mortal? What do you mean by that?

    instead of being at work plus you get more money at the end.
    Do you always really though? Considering how high uni fees and debts keep going up, and there not being enough graduate jobs for everyone.
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    Well I know I really like drinking and hope the rest just falls into place, really.
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    i dont go bonkers over it... but i generally enjoy it

    i like physics, i like learning about the world... but i still dislike aspects such as electricity...
    sadly, a big factor to whether you like the course or not are your lecturers... if they make your modules look boring as hell, you wont necessarily have a good impression...

    which is why you get people sleeping (another disadvantage being that youre in huge lecture halls rather than small classes like in sixth form)

    uni social life i like
    costs money though
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    I enjoying studying the subject I study.

    I enjoy studying other subjects.

    I'm one of those people that... Should be in university. Unlike about 50% of the people that currently are. GOD BLESS YOU, LABOUR. FIFTY PERCENT IN WAS TOTALLY A GOOD IDEA. : )

    P.S. for those of you students that somehow fail to grasp sarcasm in its written form, I was being sarcastic.
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    I'm sure there are other things they'd rather be doing, but you'd assume they had a general interest in what they were studying. Ultimately, its to increase employability and earn £££
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    Personally, I enjoy my subjects, therefore studying isn't so bad. I definitely have moments where I hate studying, but that is counter balanced by the fact that there are many aspects of my course that I enjoy - and sometimes I actually get excited about essays and so forth, because I come across some really interesting info... Perhaps that is a little geeky but it is true!
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    For me it's as boring as hell, however I want to live comfortably in the future & degree increases my chances of getting a better job. Basically I treat it as an investment which I hope pays off.
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    Not at all.

    The mechanism of scholarship is incredibly boring and not in the least fun for me, but it is a requirement of my career aspirations.

    Luckily I'm not too bad at it, despite not really trying.
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    I do enjoy studying.
    I admit it can be boring and tedious. I especially hate doing pieces of coursework and tend to leave them all until the last minute - these days I leave them until the last day - because I can't be bothered.
    But I do enjoy learning. Like you I didn't know what to study. I didn't do very well in A Levels because I just couldn't be bothered with them. Then I went to college to do a BTEC in a subject that I was good in. Then I had absolutely no idea what to do. I looked at loads of different courses, and did some work experience.
    I eventually chose what I wanted to study. In first year I wasn't too passionate about the subject.
    But now I love it and love learning new things about it. So I do get tired with studying sometimes. But I love learning.
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    No I hate studying in any form whether its assignments or exams... I am doing it to secure a good career though so that's what will get me through. I don't even tend to enjoy lectures that much, although there are a few that I find interesting.
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    (Original post by Foghorn Leghorn)
    I'd rather get wasted, but i enjoy my subject and studying is just the evil necessity that goes with it. :dontknow:

    Also is that you in the pick? Liking the hair and make up!
    My avatar? Nah, it's Emilie Autumn, an awesome musician
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    I do enjoy studying some area's of my subject (mathematics), the more challenging aspects, i.e set theory, algebra etc which all require problem solving and thinking off the top of your head... I like anything like that. But statistics, which is just learning endless formulae and putting them into practice is very mind numbing in my opinion and I hate studying topics like that, despite it being straight forward.
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    No, I hate studying. I'm only doing it because I feel like I have to. I do all of my assignments at the last minute and pretty much do the bare minimum.
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    (Original post by CherryCherryBoomBoom)
    Yeah, that's what I feel like I should be doing too. For ages I have struggled with getting help for it though, but hopefully now I'm on my way to getting a bit better. It's just annoying cos my parents are pushing me to go to uni and making me feel awkward about not going, but I really don't feel like it right now. I also know there's a risk of feeling worse if uni turns out to be a bad experience for me anyway.
    I don't get it...why are your parents still pushing you to go to uni when you don't have the grades to do so?????
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    (Original post by Dee Leigh)
    I don't get it...why are your parents still pushing you to go to uni when you don't have the grades to so?????
    Haha, **** knows tbh :rolleyes:. Probably brainwashed into thinking that's the only way forward in life, like how many people think as well.
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    I tell people the reason I chose a maths degree was to prove that I was capable to myself. I had something to prove.

    In truth, I just love the subject. Sure it'd be great if I had the natural aptitude of some mathmos on here (Nuodai, DFranklin and Ghostwalker spring to mind), but recently I've realised there's no point chasing a medal or a title without knowing what it truly means to you first, and IMO that's probably the case with degrees.

    I could name at least 20 people off the top of my head who did a maths degree and hate it because they just arent passionate about it.
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    I enjoy learning about my subject, researching for assignments and such. However I don't like studying where the only purpose is to pass an exam. I think the two are different. It makes sense in my mind anyway.


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