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Does anyone else have totally amazing dreams?

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    Last night, I had a dream that I was chilling on an exotic island, shopping everyday & pigging out @ a chinese buffet lol!

    Do any of you guys have really cool dreams?
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    Being Prime Minister.
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    I always have skydiving dreams. Then I skydived in real life, it was totally different.
    My best dream ever though, I was flying around the tesco carpark at night, totally naked, Denise Welch was dancing on the roof, the spice girls were in a hot air balloon and my Gran was riding Clifford the big red dog. Dreams are amazing.
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    (Original post by meenu89)
    Being Prime Minister.
    Really Boris? That's not what you said here.
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    I have really crazy and vivid dreams literally every night. It used to be only about twice a week but it's every night now. I actually find myself being more tired because of them
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    I have a lot of weird dreams but then I tend to forget most of them after a short while. One I do remember though is that I was watching my dad brush his teeth in the bathroom but then I had to go because my cat came and told me that the yorkshire puddings were burning in the oven! :lol: Totally random and weird I know

    I am interested to see what other people dream about
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    (Original post by senator88)
    I have really crazy and vivid dreams literally every night. It used to be only about twice a week but it's every night now. I actually find myself being more tired because of them
    hahaha like what?
    I'm intrigued!
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    If only.

    All I get is rough sleep and tired eyes.
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    (Original post by _OliviaTheOwl)
    hahaha like what?
    I'm intrigued!
    Haha, honestly anything and everything! Last night I dreamt I was taking part in the tri-wizard tournament, and was flying on a dragon through fire trying to get away from voldemort. They always feel like the last for absolutely ages too :/
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    I generally get depressing dreams or ones that make literally no sense at all.

    The other night I dreamt that I only took two A-levels and it was the final term and I kept bugging a History teacher to let me take all the History exams in the final term, or else I wouldn't be able to go to university. That dream made no sense, for a start I don't even take History
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    I do. I once had an awesome sex dream about Tyra Banks in lacy hot pink underwear in the back of my car. :blushing:Seriously.
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    Had a dream last night, had the ability to split my conscious and subconscious minds into separate entities. Was badass. Hope to have another dream like that again.

    Surprisingly, my dreams seems to last incredibly long, all like a bunch of different stories re-enacted one after the other - I can recall just about every event that happened. Usually the things I've seen/heard/tasted or touched in the last 5 days seem to manifest themselves in my dreams. Pretty amazing. I also still have constant dreams about being in secondary school with my old mates. hmm.
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    i have crazy dreams every night. the other day, i dreamt that i was in a train which suddenly turned into a rollercoaster
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    I have really weird dreams. I had one the other night about this giant mechanical lobster that killed people :confused: Also a couple of months back I kept having dreams that featured a toilet in some way. My dreams concern me sometimes
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    I wouldn't say amazing, but very vivid and weird dreams, the ones I remember:

    1) Getting chased by giant talking killer ice cubes, a friend saved me by cutting off its head.

    2) Driving a futuristic glass fire engine and I spun it when on call backwards into a hedge but the only damage was to the front headlight.

    3) Being beaten up by Darth Vadar, all I had to defend myself was a hardback book I grabbed from a charity shop and my ipod, he then smashed my head on the ground repeatedly to try and brain wash me into killing the entire Force India F1 team.

    4) Most recently, a horse had to take over duties as the England goal keeper in a penalty shoot out. He saved every goal!

    I am getting a reputation among my friends for these dreams...
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    My dreams are the equivalent to Wiz Khalifa on weed. Young, wild and free.
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    I usually have nightmares but sometimes i have the most weird and entriguing dreams its unreal.

    1) Had a dream i was in a lake and out of no where lockness monster appeared and allowed me to ride its back. Then my family came and seperated me from it and i started crying and it went crazy.

    2) Yesterday dreamed i was in a house made of cheese and i couldnt get out so i decided to eat my way out of the cheese but it kept growing back so i was stuck. ( i did have lots of cheese on my pasta that night so maybe thats why)

    3) Best one i ever had was when i imagined that i won the lottery and a rainbow appeared in the background so i tried to go touch it and when i did i was transported to the future. Much like back to the future without the doc and Dolorean...
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    had a dream last night that I was harry potter and was making my way through all the books, then was in the last book and spent the whole dream terrified thinking of the bit where i was going to meet voldemort in the woods!
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    (Original post by Frodo Baggins)
    My dreams are the equivalent to Wiz Khalifa on weed. Young, wild and free.
    I bet Samwise has some pretty crazy dreams about you two :P
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    I seem to go through periods where I have totally weird dreams.

    They can take a slightly murderous twist, though. A while ago, I had a dream where my boyfriend cheated on me with this girl. I ran off crying to the bathroom, and in the bathroom were these 6ft tall cockney babies. They surrounded me and said, "You got a problem? We got the solution.." and handed me a machete.
    The dream ended with them persuading me to murder this girl in a velodrome. I decided I didn't want to, so I started to run away.. but it was one of those really slow runs, like a had a parachute attached to me.

    I regularly wake up like "WTF?!"


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