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Can anyone read 2 or more books at the same time?

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    As in read one book in say the morning then read the second book in the evening? Or do you just read one book at a time?
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    LOL I've lost count of the books I'm reading at the moment. This has made me come to realise that maybe it's better to stick to 1 or 2 at any one time. The books I've been reading have been done at random really; just depends on what I feel like
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    I prefer to read one at a time otherwise I just end up merging characters/storylines and that never ends well especially when the two books are quite different
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    Can just about manage one....
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    I do it all the time. I am reading four books at the moment. It's easily manageable if each book belongs to a different genre. At the moment, I am reading a literary biography, a poetry book by Shelley and two prose fiction books.
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    I can do up to 3 at a time before the interference kicks in and goes so far to even disorientate. But 1 is perferred at any one time.
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    I'm reading about 5 at the moment I don't think I'm going to be able to finish them until exams are over, though; once I start getting into the book, nothing can stop me from reading to the end
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    i usually read several books at a time. i've normally got one that i read on bus journeys; something that is not too heavy, so i can easily get into it even considering distracting factors on public transport. usually play texts, biographies or something similar. then i always keep one book at work for my lunch break. as it is only half an hour long, i need something that is divided into lots of chapters, so that i can stop pretty immediately once i start running out of time. philosophical texts, short stories or collections of letters work quite well.
    then i usually have one book of theatrical theory and one novel to read for my degree every week. and then i have one more random book of choice (usually novels or collections of short stories, sometimes poetry) that i read just before going to bed.

    on the odd occasion i do manage to have a life in between though...
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    I read loads of books at a time, and always have done.

    The only problem I find is that sometimes when I'm reading so many at a time, I forget about one and find it months later, half read, even though it was pretty enjoyable, and sometimes once you get out of the swing of a book it can be hard to get back in after a certain amount of time because you lose your connection with the characters and forget bits of the plot, so often I have to re-read the first part of a book.

    I do try and stop myself, but when I get a new book I just get too excited about it to not read it so all of my other ones get neglected and I start to feel like a bad book owner.
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    (Original post by Ra Ra Ra)
    I'm reading about 5 at the moment I don't think I'm going to be able to finish them until exams are over, though; once I start getting into the book, nothing can stop me from reading to the end
    This is a problem I have; once I get into a book, hours can disappear and I'm getting closer and closer to the end, but morning is also getting closer and closer. I seem to be physically unable to just read 1 or 2 chapters of a good book. I NEED to find out what happens next, even if it's instead of doing my work at a reasonable time. This means that near exam or coursework time, I have to stop myself from reading. I have a big stockpile of books for the summer though!
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    When I read I tend to become completely engrossed in that book, so if I begin reading more than one I tend to lose interest of all of them. SO no I only read one at a time.
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    I'm midway through quite a few books. They all have different 'moods' so I read them according to what I want to read at the time. I have a horrible problem with buying books and starting to read them when they arrive but then another one comes and I have to start it! I have a really good memory for things I've read, though, so that helps keeping plots and characters organised.
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    yea i read a few books at a time. i don't really find it difficult to follow the stories i guess its the same as watching different tv dramas and soaps really, i watch different ones of those every week but still follow them and keep the stories seperate so it works in the same way
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    I get into the habit of reading one fiction book and one non-fiction book at the same time.
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    I can never really cope if trying to read more than one at once. I usually get so confused and take ages to finish them; it's a lot quicker and enjoyable to read one at a time. If reading two or more at a time, I start to merge the characters and plot and create a totally new book in my mind. So I definitely stay with one!!
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    I quite often do 2 at a time but not really any more than that. If I'm having trouble putting one of them down though I will usually finish that one then go back to the other.
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    No :rolleyes:

    I get the plots confused :rolleyes:
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    I used to have a book pile by my bed of about 10 books... I have no idea how I managed that.

    I like to plough on through just one at a time now though, and then go through a chain of ~related reading~ so to speak.
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    I tend to read one book at a time, but atm I'm reading a fiction and non fiction book at the same time which is OK because I tend to only read a very small section of the non fiction book at one time
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    I'm reading two books right now. The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell and Pride and Prejudice (yes, I'm a guy ) by Jane Austen.


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