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Best Junk food & revision

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    Hey guys,

    Just curious about what junk food you love to munch on whilst revising?

    Mine's probably dominos and a mathematics textbook :P

    loook forward to hearing your ideasx
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    Anything with a bucket full of sugar in it. Chocolate, cookies, cakes, flapjack, fruit etc etc. I don't know why though because it actually makes me feel worse when I'm studying. At this rate, I'm going to spend my entire summer living in the gym!
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    Rainbow puffs and English Lit.
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    chocolate biscuits. i eat way to many of those.
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    get back to revising you troll
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    Popcorn. Lots of popcorn.
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    Digestive biscuits and Tea.

    Pepperoni pizza

    Apple pie hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



    MaccyD's drive way food hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    I'm struggling to find library friendly snacks. Sweets with their wrappers, crisp packets etc are all too noisy
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    A few hours in the library then a large Big Mac meal, sour cream and chive dip, large coffee and save the free cheeseburger for later!
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    Chemistry and Cheese and Toast!
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    (Original post by T'archer)
    A few hours in the library then a large Big Mac meal, sour cream and chive dip, large coffee and save the free cheeseburger for later!
    Eww... McD cold?! That is grim!!
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    Currently enjoying a can of Rubicon mango and pizza whilst revising for Chemistry.
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    Sausage rolls
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    (Original post by beanstalkgirl_24)
    Eww... McD cold?! That is grim!!
    Its surprisingly nice! My normal McD's keeps them on hold for ages anyway so i'm used to it being cold.
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    Twix's and Scientific Investigation of Crime
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    (Original post by Akkuz)
    Extremely tasty, but not very practical because of the shell.
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    Crisps and dips. Or prawn crackers and chili sauce. They keep me awake enough to keep concentrating

    I currently have chili sauce and prawn crackers. With Solidarity and the Zapatistas naturally
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    crackers and water


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