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Eating food with past use by date

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    Would you eat smoked mackerel with a use by date of 21.04.12?
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    Depends how much over the date, what it smells like..
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    I'd probably eat it now. I don't think I'd eat it tomorrow.
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    Sure, as long as it didn't have a funny smell when you opened it and it was always stored correctly.
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    As long as you are planning to do something to cook it then I can't see it being a problem since it was apparently fine yesterday. Would depends how it looks/smells though sometimes you can tell it's not okay.
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    Oh, I expected people to say they would throw it away
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    Most stuff is fine for like a week after. The food companies don't want to get sued.

    I just realised earlier today that our mayonnaise was 3 months out of date. I ate it anyway, I've been eating it all this time and have been fine, once more couldn't hurt XD
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    I think when it comes to sell by dates it really depends on what kind of food it is. Personally I wouldn't eat meat or diary products that are past their sell by dates, but I may do with things like crisps, chocolate and pasta. I suppose as long as it's been in your fridge or freezer since you bought it, there is no sign of rot or mould and it doesn't smell bad then it might be okay.
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    If it was refrigerated, didn't smell, didn't have a weird colour. But seeing as the use by date was yesterday it shouldn't be too bad. But I'd cook it very soon just to be on the safe side.
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    personally, Yes.

    You can usually tell the quality of most fresh food by smell and touch. If the meat is sticky and smells then generally it will be off however, the use by date will normally give the supermarket a few days safety net.

    Smoking is a way of preserving food though, which means you probably have even longer than past the use by date than you do with most fresh meat or fish.
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    21.04.12 was just yesterday so i would eat it

    expiry dates are estimations most foods are still good up to roughly 2 days after....but it depends, smell it...smoked foods stay fresher for long.
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    it depends if it actually says use by - that date tends to be more strict, whereas with 'best before' it's safe to leave it a few days.
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    Yes definitely. Have you ever wondered what people did before use by dates existed?
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    (Original post by beccafairy)
    it depends if it actually says use by - that date tends to be more strict, whereas with 'best before' it's safe to leave it a few days.
    That's my understanding as well. I generally ignore best before dates but I never ignore use by dates on fresh produce. Apart from milk, fruits and veges.
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    if it looks and smells ok then it is ok
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    Pftt probs not.

    I'm not stuck up or anything though, I just wouldn't eat fish past its sell by date.
    But I have no problem with things like crackers, biscuits...you know, dry food.
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    I generally go by the smell by date. Usually food goes a few days over if kept frozen/ chilled.
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    Actually, the expiration (or use by) date on the packaging has to be three months prior to the actual expiration date of the product. My neighbour works at a food manufacturing company and recently brought me like 10 bags of french fries, which were all over the expiration date. He said they were unfit for sale, because of the "date", but completely suitable for consumption I'm not sure if that was because they were frozen, I'm sure with dairy products it would be a lot less than 3 months, however I think you'll be fine.
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    Most foods are fine for a couple of days (or more) after the use by date. Be careful with fish though, if it smells or tastes funny I wouldn't risk it.
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    (Original post by beccafairy)
    it depends if it actually says use by - that date tends to be more strict, whereas with 'best before' it's safe to leave it a few days.

    Best before dates can be used up months after expiry. Crisps/biscuits may go stale but things like pasta/rice and dry produce will be absolutely fine. Obviously check to ensure they aren't spoilt but I've used many things past the best before and not suffered.

    Weirdly enough my dad eats cheese/yoghurt that has pretty much gone off and he's fine. His immune system must be pretty strong.


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