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What is the BEST source of energy for a revision all nighter?

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    last resort action tbh. If you have to, don't masturbate. Masturbation makes you sleepy.
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    Focusing your Chi
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    Food, vast quantities of food, not snack food like crisps, but a huge dinner at 3am. I usually go with a large pizza and a lot of water. You wont crash at 4am. However itl utterly ruin your sleep pattern for the next few days, so use wisely.
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    (Original post by xmarilynx)
    Adrenaline generated by the fear of failure.
    This! Works for me, but sometimes, fear alone isn't enough to keep me awake, so when i do feel sleepy, I get up, crack open a window and do some exercise. A few pushups later and I'm wide awake.

    Other times I rely on rely on coffee (in a flask, that way I don't have to keep going for a refill) and proplus.
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    Lots of Sudafed keeps me tweeked for a night out/staying up!
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    I like to be natural and go for ice cold water.
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    (Original post by TM94)
    This is actually a great shout.
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    ASDA Blue charge / Tesco Kick
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    Crystal meth would probably be the best... But is a first really worth a meth addiction?
    Other than that a lie-in that day, a load of diet coke, 40 or so cigarettes and plenty of sweets, no fat or starches, just sugar.
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    Ritalin; helps you concentrate.
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    (Original post by Ilyas)
    last resort action tbh. If you have to, don't masturbate. Masturbation makes you sleepy.

    (Original post by Scoobiedoobiedo)
    oh lawdy, that's not happenin' !
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    I'm doing a all nighter tday .. got water and drank cold coffee. I tend to work more productively at night lol.
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    Modafinil which also goes by the name Provigil - if you could get your hands on it. A friend at Cambridge told me of a student dealer who sold it for £10 a pill during their finals. I haven't tried it, but I do know someone who was a regular pill popper during finals who went 60-ish hours without sleep and was "in the zone", 100% throughout.
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    why do i feel doomed before i even start attempting to revise?
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    Sod the revision, I want to do a 2 night all nighter(being awake 7am Friday to Saturday night, except a 2 your sleep in the early hours of Friday and probably sleeping from 4am to 9am on Saturday. I have school Friday and work Saturday.)

    The NFL draft is on which is the reason for me attempting the stunt.

    Any tips?
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    (Original post by Ilyas)
    last resort action tbh. If you have to, don't masturbate. Masturbation makes you sleepy.


    Light stays on at all times
    Windows open if possible
    NEVER lie down
    Remain fully clothed
    Curtains open
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    A few days ago I pulled an all nighter and got loads of overdue coursework finished! - yes i felt like death the next day but the releif of handing finished work in felt goooooood.

    I literally listened to Michael Buble on full blast every half an hour or so to keep me awake. his hot voice just did it for me, ahahah. it worked though! i also had like 4324424242 cans of energy drinks.

    hope it helps
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    -Eat 'proper' food. Junk food doesn't help in the long run.

    -Have some music/the TV playing in the background (if you can revise with noise).

    -Do a little exercise every couple hours or so.

    -Freshen up. If you're feeling tired, take a shower. You'll feel better for it.

    I actually find that the hardest part is when it comes to 6-7am. I tend to feel really rough at that point so, if I don't give in and go to bed, I drink lots of water and carry on

    Just don't make a habit of this. I ended up not being able to sleep for a further two nights one time because my sleeping pattern was totally screwed up.
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    i did an all nighter once with my mates, though we weren't doing any revision ;p we each drank 2 cups of tea, smoked bud, listened to bob marley while playing hogs of war. ended up going to bed at 6:30 am and felt like utter **** the next day, but it was worth it lol, though if you are revising i wouldnt smoke the weed as you wont concentrate on the work lol tea/coffee/energy drink is the way forward for revising.

    Probly gunna get neg for being such a badman xD hahaha


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