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If there is only 1 thing you wish you knew about uni before you started

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    Lets say you could only pick one thing that you wish you knew before you went uni, what would it be?

    for example "I wish I locked the door to my room before I went home for the weekend. this would have avoided my undergarments being given to all the sirs in halls with my number in them."
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    That I would need more money than I initially imagined.
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    Earplugs. I wish I had brought ear plugs :rolleyes:
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    That actually it's not all that exciting. Nowhere near what it's hyped up to be
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    that I would become nocturnal.
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    That I'd be needing so many naps...

    ...and that those naps can turn into major sleeping marathons.
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    That I should've only joined a couple of sports clubs, and then done lots of stuff with them.

    I did three sports in 1st year and then changed to 2 completely new ones in 2nd year, so I feel like I'm more of an outsider than I would've been if I'd just nailed my colours to the mast and got stuck in.
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    I wish I had known that it's not only how much/how long/how hard you work/study, but how well you study. I.e. I wish I'd known to improve my study skills from the get-go.

    I often see people asking if they can read some book on their degree topic before they start. To give them a leg up. That's a good idea, but I think that more prospective students should read up on study skills as well.
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    Academically: To have chilled out more in first year (I studied far too hard and ended up with notes covering my room) and to then study more efficiently for second year (it's such a jump between the two in terms of the standards they ask of you in the exams ).

    Socially: Nothing, I expected uni social life to be focussed on clubbing and partying and new that wasn't my thing already.
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    For the interest of those who will read this, I guess I'll write down what I did right and what I really should have worked on.

    Should have:
    Joined a society or two at the beginning of first year.
    Made an effort to expand my social group even if I didn't really want more mates. It's just a good habit.
    Perhaps should have kept a little healthy and gone to the gym a bit more.
    Should have chased down some work experience, no matter where it was. Thats definitely a massive regret.

    What I did right:
    Worked my arse off in second year and so there's a lot less stress in third. I need far less than 70 for a first and now I can concentrate on just relaxing.
    Ran workshops and contributed positively towards my department.
    I help people with their work because I rise to the challenge. That competitive nature IMO is a plus.
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    The fact that you have to be full on independent with your studying. At university there's no nice teacher who you can run off to and ask for constant help. So yes, if you are planning on going to university make sure you know how to research, reference essays etc. Also the fact that everyone gets a 2:1 haha, you go from being good at a subject at A Level to being exactly the same as most people on your course at uni..Apart from this don't stress out too much, enjoy your freedom and party hard, you only get one chance at this, you might as well enjoy it!
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    (Original post by pixiebee)
    i wish someone had told me that it is going to be HARD. everyone you speak to about going to uni just goes 'you'll have the time of your life', but in actual fact the reality is much harsher. in the first term especially, you will have many highs but they will be inevitably outweighed by the excrutiating lows. you have to learn to deal with real loneliness, coping with situations you never have before and all whilst being completely and utterly surrounded by people you dont know. i just wish more than anything that someone would have warned me as to how totally, completely overwhelming the first term is.

    although saying all this i guess it does depend on what uni you go to, i am at Bristol and as it is so prestigous the atmosphere is a lot more intense than say if you went to a 'lesser valued' more fun university.
    Agreed, before you go to uni, you're only told about the positives, but all potential negative aspects are ignored.
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    To get back to the original question:

    That to get through group-work on a presentation you would need either; a realistic appreciation of the egoism of your colleagues, and their anticipated work rate (ie, not as much as you hope) or alternatively, a private supply of valium.
    I think most things (including the marketability of the course you have chosen*), you already know deep down.

    *this is not an endorsement of opinions of any other post on this thread
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    It goes by way too fast, so enjoy it
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    (Original post by Chrisofsmeg)
    Run and hide before all of TSR unleashes their fury on you. It will happen and you will have deserved it.

    Don't say I didn't warn you.
    Its accurate though?
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    (Original post by tanner1)
    Its accurate though?
    I don't judge people on the basis of their degree. If they're passionate about the subject they've chosen then it doesn't matter what it is so long as they enjoy it.

    I'm applying to study medicine and I don't think that I'm better or worse than anybody else. I'm passionate about what I want to study and my intended career - that's all I need and I'm happy with that. I'd think the same if I REALLY wanted to study any other subject.

    Granted the graduate employment rates can vary somewhat, but the point still stands.
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    Bump! Tell me more about the wonders and woes of uni life
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    They don't always have past papers/sample papers like in A-levels so you have to learn pretty much everything
    Don't buy as many textbooks, just photocopy or scan the pages you need.
    Writing on plain paper is easier to write on than writing in a refill/pukka pad. And its cheaper!
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    Is freshers week socially awkward or is it light hearted and easy to socialise?
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    (Original post by AverageExcellence)
    Is freshers week socially awkward or is it light hearted and easy to socialise?
    Most of the time, the people who you hang around with in freshers won't be the people you hang out with all year.


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