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Gcse isa result [help]

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    i'm taking GCSE chemistry as a private candidate and i have been entered for an ISA exam on the 25th of April. i haven't done the experiment as i couldn't find a center that let me do the experiment in their Lab therefore i don't have any result table.

    Does anyone here have any result table for any of the following experiments that can share it with me?

    Chemistry2 ISA - Precipitates
    Neutralizing Alkalis
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    this applies to students who have done the experiment last year. and i did not ask for any answer i only want a sample result table
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    I'm taking GCSEs as a private candidate and my ISA written exams are this week as well. I'm sorry to hear this because being a private candidate myself, I know how hard it is to arrange everything on your own.

    But I'm not sure how this works. I mean when you do your ISA as a private candidate, you must attach Private Candidate Coursework Form with your results table and graph. Basically, it has to be your own work and you have to sign it to say it's yours. In addition to this, someone, like your private tutor, must to authenticate your work and s/he has to sign the paper as well. This all has to be done BEFORE you take the written ISA exam. You take your results table, graph and the form to your exam centre on the day of the exam and they will send them together for marking. Well, I'm talking about my exam board (AQA) but as far as I'm aware the basic rule is the same for all boards.

    It's very rare for private candidates (especially mature students) to find a lab where you can use just for ISA experiments. So most of them have to choose a topic which you can carry out at your home. That's what I did.

    I think you should check the specification for your board again and see if it's possible to use someone else's work. And what does your exam centre say about this?


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Updated: April 23, 2012
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