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Perfect Face

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    Does this woman have the perfect face?

    My personal opinion is wit woooooooooooo
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    Science is wrong! dont get me wrong she isn't ugly and she's certainly above average but there are lots of people out there that look better that her.

    I think there is some truth to the 'perfect face' as some proportions look better than others but I dont think you can measure how good looking someone is. Plus there are other things that influence how good looking someone is such as their nose, eyes, mouth, skin colour, hair colour.
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    (Original post by st_23)
    Science is wrong! dont get me wrong she isn't ugly and she's certainly above average but there are lots of people out there that are better that her
    I agree with this, not everyone finds the same person physically attractive. She is quite pretty but I have seen other people who I would say are more attractive
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    It seems strange that now science has taken possession of the word 'perfect'. I feel that is completely subjective, and you can not define the perfect face with maths and science and ratios - perfect has a different meaning for everyone.
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    And they say romance is dead.
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    Imagine your self esteem after being told you have the "perfect face"...

    It'd be like "yeah I'd do me.."

    EDIT: Also love the comment "Hope" made underneath it! LOL
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    She's pretty, but I prefer facial features different to her's.
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    She's pretty yeah, but not OMG SO GORGEOUS :coma:
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    (Original post by joelew2010)

    Does this woman have the perfect face?

    My personal opinion is wit woooooooooooo
    The article says she has the optimum ratios etc, so a more accurate claim would be that she has the greatest pulling power, not that everyone would think she's ideal.

    In a democracy, a 'perfect' leader would be one who won 100% of the vote, Florence would not be so popular but would be the most popular out of everyone. At least, according to scientific theory.
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    Reminds me of Elizabeth Banks - Kim from scrubs

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    Perfection is boring.
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    She's gorgeous.
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    Like someone else said, yes her face may be perfect but perfect is boring. Because of her perfect proportions, nothing really stands out. I'd say she's pretty but not really outstandingly so.
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    5/10. Face is a bit chubby and she wears makeup.
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    "contestants were judged without make-up" ... she's clearly wearing mascara and blusher :facepalm:

    Whilst she is a very pretty girl, I wouldn't say she has the "perfect face" Trying to use science to define what is physical perfection is ridiculous. People like different things. Personally, I think Emma Watson and Natalie Portman have truely beautiful faces.
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    She's pretty, but she entered a competition to find the perfect face. That screams 'arrogant' to me to be honest.
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    I'm only being critical because she is meant to have a 'perfect' face, of course she is really pretty! But one of her eyes is slightly smaller (although does everyone have one smaller eye? ) and her lips are huge/chodey - perfection anyway, as people have said, is an intangible concept that's probably impossible to find because of how subjective beauty is - personally I go for people who have a more unique look
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    She is lovely looking but not the most attractive girl I've ever seen
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    When are they going to learn that beauty isn't measurable or mathematical.

    Perfect face?

    I could drive the starship enterprize through that hole in her lips. Strong plucked eyebrows also, she probably has a monobrow if it wasn't maintained. Pale skin could do with a tan. She's also wearing blusher and there's definitely some **** on her lips.

    this is a perfect example of why beauty isn't mathematical or scientific...she looks average


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