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Songs that will get you through the exam period

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    I created a playlist which I use to revise to, quite aptly named 'Revision Playlist'. It's mainly instrumentals/classics/soundtracks, basically minimal singing...I find it pretty helpful.

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    Lots of Kate Bush (& the occasional bit of Wham).
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    Vladamir's blues;
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    I'm still standing by Elton John

    Hoping to sing this on results day if I do well and will probably look like an idiot when I do!
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    my chemical romance- teenager
    and there is nothing the arctic monkeys cant sooth.

    p.s. some of the songs recommended are just funny, "punjabi hit squad" yet again you never objected to genre nor type of song whiched to be told of.
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    Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
    Life in Technicolour - Coldplay
    Every single song that Michael Buble has.sung
    You need me I don't need you - Sheeran
    Many of Horror....
    You get rhe idea.c
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    (Original post by YaaahSarah)
    Please share.. i have constant headache from stress and i can't stop crying!
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    Lots of Brooks and Dunn, not many people here will know who they are but I am a big fan

    They have lots of songs for every mood that you may be in, and are incredibly talented musicians.

    Worth a listen! I currently have "Neon Moon" playing through my speakers, feel a lot more relaxed! Think I will listen to "Go West" next, maybe someone on here will join me
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    Daft Punk's music in Tron Legacy seems to get me through the vast loneliness of revision, even though I don't really like that kind of music
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    Studying with my flatmate and he's putting on lots of classical stuff like Rachmanimov, which I'm actually finding quite helpful
    Mixture of Karnivool, La Roux and Idlewild at the moment though Got me through about 5-6 hours of Taylor and Maclaurin Series, so seems to be working fine!
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    (Original post by Joeyboy 12)
    Daft Punk's music in Tron Legacy seems to get me through the vast loneliness of revision, even though I don't really like that kind of music
    DAFT PUNK ftw!!!

    and its called derezzed
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    Why's everyone putting that Kelly Clarkson 'Stronger'?
    Sure, the chorus is relevant, but she's sorta ruined her image with this pop-rock crap
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    Bryan Adams - Here I am (This song puts me in a positive mood for some reason)

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    (Original post by YaaahSarah)
    Please share.. i have constant headache from stress and i can't stop crying!
    Heart of darkness by two steps from hell is absolutely amazing for motivation! It's trailer music or something and I feel like I can conquer the world after listening to it haha

    Pirates of the Caribbean he's a pirate has a similar effect

    Also Adiemus by Karl Jenkins is so beautiful and inspiring and uplifting!
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    Honestly? I'm ashamed to say haha. Rebecca Ferguson. It's just chilled out and honestly the only music I can listen to in the background apart from classical, and that sends me to sleep!
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    I don't listen to modern music at all. One song that got me through my exams and motivated me is Talk Talk- Lifes What you Make it. 80's music ftw x]
    I find it powerful and motivating, but that's just me.
    Nothing wrong with listening to Bob Marley or Reggae music to calm to down when you think you're failing.
    But don't sweat it, don't take it too far and sacrifice your mental health in general just for grades, I nearly fell into a state in depression, and trust me, it ain't nice.
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    Crystallise (Dubstep Violin) - Lindsey Sterling
    Time (inception Soundtrack) - Hans Zimmer

    There's no lyrics to them so they don't distract you but they're bouncy enough to keep you alert and not sleepy
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    It's allllllll about Drake's remix on Marvin's room. Or maybe 'For the first time' by the script. If i didn't have music to listen to while I'm revising I would have either committed suicide or died of boredom.
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    conner maynard- girls


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