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Songs that will get you through the exam period

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    Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell. I have the extended version on repeat for ages, it's the only song I really find 'powerful'
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    The World's Greatest- R.Kelly

    This songs always inspires me
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    I found Walk off the Earth on youtube, you might have heard of them from their 'Somebody that I used to know' cover, with the awesome one-guitar video.

    I found they make songs that I would not usually like really likeable and upbeat and I have to try really hard not to sing along in the library haha! I downloaded these off of itunes and they are now my most played songs on my ipod.

    also Marshall is a right babe and Gianni is so awesome, the videos are so cool to watch.
    Their LMFAO partyrockers is pretty cool too!
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    2 very different songs, but how about some heavy stuff to generate some anger and get you going?:

    Or just something generally motivating:

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    LOvE this song...havnt heard it for years but somehow always randomly replaying in my head at awkward moments :-P. And "i wanna be like other girls" Mulan 2. ;-)
    (Original post by fishfan01)
    Whenever I feel like I've lost all my steam, I like to listen to Mulan - I'll Make a Man out of you. If Mulan can do it, I can do it too!


    Just be careful not to led it lead you to endless youtube surfing.
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    (Original post by lil-mazie)
    I think i love you no but honestly best playlist for revison not to boring and not to distracting
    Awh thanks, I hope it helps!
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    my ipod decided to freeze last week so I had to restore and lost all content and also I dont have headphones that work in both ears so I guess my revision is boring now. cant revise without music and certain songs at that.
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    "If i die young"-The Band Perry

    This has been on repeat for the past two days and it helped. A LOT.
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    Drones, by Rise Against.

    I work in a supermarket, and it constantly reminds me that I need to achieve my very best to get out of that environment.

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    Anything by Bon Iver. Only thing that gets me through revision. So calming and beautiful
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    Nuff said. :cool:

    Or I'd recommend movie soundtracks from your favourite films.
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    (Original post by sweetsummer)
    Girls' Generation 'Gee'
    Or 'Oh'
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    for some reason, this is good a background tune for maths
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    Gloria Gaynor : " I will revise"
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    Works for me
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    I go into zone mode, once I hear this.
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    Carmina burana
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    dance of the sugar plum fairy
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    what's up 4 non blondes
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