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    Just writing stuff down here so I can work out what my diet and fitness regime actually is and access it anywhere.

    10 : 00 - Coffee, no sugar (got into work really late lol - staying up all night playing poker, worth it though as I made some money)

    12:00 - Two glasses of water then a Bacon and chicken baguette. (got stuck in a massive ****ing meeting so I basically missed breakfast. )
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    15:36 - Ate 1 maynards sour, my boss gave me one. And had a glass of water.
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    16: 00 - Another coffee, watched the entire thing fill up, because I thought I had overfilled the machine, just in case coffee overflowed and flooded the kitchen
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    17:30 - Glass of water and a sausage roll.
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    19:30 - Salmon, potatoes, peas carrots, juice

    18:30 - KitKat
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    9:15 - Banana & Kitkat

    10:18 - Coffee
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    Original thread title lol. Best of luck.
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    11:15 - Water

    12:20 - BLT, Water
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    (Original post by Idle)
    Original thread title lol. Best of luck.
    Does exactly what it says on the tin.
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    13:00 - 14:00 - Went to the gym, lifted some weights and did a quick run (Mass - 75.8kg)

    14:30 - Water, cup cake (co workers wife made them, he is a lucky man, they were so nice)

    16:00 - coffee
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    19:30 - rice and chicen

    Went to the pub and played some poker

    20:00 - magners
    22:30 - burger
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    8:30 - baccon, egg, beans, tea, kit kat
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    1:00 - 6" sub and a sprite

    5:00 - 2 teas

    19:00 - Fish finger sandwich

    22:00 - 3 blocks of cake :mad:
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    8:00 - crunchy nut and pineapple juice

    9:00 - coffee

    10:00 - water

    11:45 - water and steak slice
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    13:00 - 14:00 - went to the gym, worked solely on on my upper body.
    mass 65.8kg

    14:45 - water, flapjack and club bar

    15:45 - orange and coffee
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    18:00 - running for about 20mins, running up and down hills (my calves will be sorry tommorow )

    18:30 - chicken curry and rice, banana

    19:30 - boiled egg

    Could probably do with a drink now, need to remember to have atleast a glass of water before I eat, I am getting careless on this

    22:30 - tea
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    Rough workout plan for the week.

    Monday - Chest
    Bench press
    Incline dumbell press
    Dumbless flys
    Wide push ups

    Tuesday - Lats
    Pull ups, wide grip
    Inclined rows - towards hips
    Dumbell rows - towards hips
    Bench overhead straight arms
    Bent over dumbell rows

    Thursday - Arms
    Pull ups
    Dumbell curls
    Over head tricep curls
    Pull downs

    Friday - Shoulders
    Dumbell press
    Side raises
    Front raises
    Standing rows
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    8:00 - crunchy nut, banana, Tropicana

    9:00 - coffee

    Going to do arms at the gym today, just because my shoulders are still a bit sore from yesterday
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    11: 30 - chicken salad baguette and two glasses of water.

    13:00 - 14:00 - gym, worked solely on my arms, went well

    15:09 - flapjack, healthy food was gone and I was hungry : ( (need to prepare some snacks to have at work), also need to get some water down me.
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    18:00 - breakaway

    18:30 - brutal 25 min run

    21:00 - southern fried chicken, peas and chips, diet coke (not good, but whatever it was ****ing delicious and I made it)

    23:00 - apple


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