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Hysterical fans reduced to tears as they try to touch their idol, Justin Bieber

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    ok let me make it clear that i am not a fan of Justin Bieber. in my opinion he is the worst thing to happen to the music world along with One Direction.

    this is more a thread to discuss about these teenage (many even pre-teenage) girls who go hysterical, crazy, obsessive and borderline psychotic over their teenage idols like Justin Bieber and One Direction. why do they do it?


    they are all chasing him, screaming and crying over him. i dont understand why they are like this. i could give a whole host of other articles to prove my point.


    teenage girls scaling metal fences, crawling underneath metal fences and getting injured to look at a few boys.


    these girls send mountains of abuse to girlfriends of these stars. how come that these girls can get away with all this abuse, but if one guy is a bit racist over Fabrice Muamba on Twitter, he gets jailed for 2 months?

    its not like these stars have done anything special either! i can sort of understand why people get obsessed over someone like Lady Gaga, who 'broke the rules' of pop and is so inspirational in what she says and does, and she cares so much for her fans. these guys are manufactured by some record label designed to make loads of money and are awful.

    why are these girls like this?
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    I don't have a clue why there hormones are so powerful teenage and pre-teen girls are very strange creatures

    I made a joke comment about them on twitter once and got hundreds of messages abusing me I got death threats from 13 year old girls and threatening to beat me up lolololol
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    Because he is their idol. Live and let live
    If Freddie Mercury were still alive then I'd chase him everywhere
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    (Original post by TheHansa)
    They need to be careful not to catch syphilis.
    Forget Bieber. I am incredibly disturbed by your signature.
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    I'd probably cry if I met my idol.

    Why do you care so much OP? Let them get on with it. & since when did Gaga 'break the rules of pop'?! :lolwut:
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    Bieber looks so much like a chav in the first pic.

    I agree with everything up to about Lady Gaga, shes in a whole other league than bieber with some talent but if it wasnt for her fashion statements she wouldnt be anywhere near as popular.
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    This is nothing new!.Girls used to cry all over the Beatles in the 60s.I'm so much older than a teen and I might cry too if I met my favorite singer.

    Anyway leave them alone, they're not hurting anyone.
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    theyre just dedicated fans thats all..........some a bit more than others
    im sure you have an idol who you would do anything to meet.....come on spill!!!
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    :lol: losers
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    Meh, it's their life if they want to act like that. Things like the death threats are really pathetic, but apart from that *shrugs*
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    I've never seen so many girls hungry for one guy's dick. :moon:
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    Beatlemania not ring a bell? Nothing new. Giddy girls will always be giddy girls...
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    (Original post by Movember)
    these girls send mountains of abuse to girlfriends of these stars. how come that these girls can get away with all this abuse, but if one guy is a bit racist over Fabrice Muamba on Twitter, he gets jailed for 2 months?
    You make an excellent point. Shame everyone's ignoring it...
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    well i dont know about you but id cry too if i had to touch justin bieber
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    I'm not a fan of either but sending the guys from One Direction's girlfriends or dates even, hate messages? I don't understand it. I mean it's horrible. If they're dating someone it's not the end of the world. I mean these girls go on about how they don't like them because of looks, then abuse girlfriends of the band?

    Then again I seen a 15 year old girl on twitter tweet sex stuff to an openly gay celebrity, saying she likes it when guys do this and she'd turn him which was equally as weird.

    The whole screaming/crying stuff is understandble, they've met the man of their dreams/their idol so that's all fair game as long as they aren't hurting anyone. Their blind love is a bit annoying but hey ho. A lot of teenage girls get like that at some point.
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    There's nothing new there.

    ... although to be fair, the Beatles were one of the greatest bands of all time.
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    I never went through the psychotic tween fan stage, so i don't understand it either.
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    Who's to say that their idol is necessarily less meaningful than anyone else's?

    If they are basing on looks and dress sense at least they have made some aesthetic judgement.

    To some older people, Bieber would seem far too girlish looking for their tastes, but that might say more about their own loss of innocence - and their materialistic attraction to those who look a bit more 'manly and providing' than it does about Bieber.

    Sadly, for this reason, and through no particular fault of Bieber, he might only tend to attract mothering types in future- a bit like happened to Cliff Richard no matter how fit he keeps himself. That's the world. The innocent can never last. Not in Britain anyway unless you become counter-cultural against it and remain a true life-long Bieber fan - or whatever your equivalent of Bieber is. Hopefully one that's a bit more of a genius.
    Jim Morrison perhaps.

    I hate when 'academics' (probably some of you in the future) profess to like someone like Bieber as a 'guilty secret' as if academia and entertainment are intrinsically at odds with each other- as if the former is always about reason and the latter always about emotion.
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    :hmmm: Getting jelly.

    Guy is going to grow old and these girls will move on. Hopefully.
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    The truth is that they are TV fed. They like what they see and immediately all become a crowd of sheep, following one another.

    So the herd grows.

    and grows.

    until world domination - One Direction's world tour.

    It is a bit pathetic imo how they can be so obsessed over one band who made it big on tv but hey, what we gonna do about it.

    Best to just let them be, film their actions and show it to their future boyfriends



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