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Do you have perfect vision or do you have glasses/contacts?

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    No I have good enough vision for no glasses.
    Yes, I wear glasses/contact lenses.

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    (Original post by Sméagol, blad!)
    You must join us in the Misty Mountains. :ahee:
    The mountains helped us get big shiny eyes and trained us to see in the dark to catch those nasty goblinses when we're hungry. :teeth:
    This sounds so very appealing. :cry2:
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    I had this phase .glasses are so cool I want some. and then I started wearing them and my eyesight deteriorated really bad.now I wear glasses ,i kinda have a love/hate relationship with them.sometimes i just wear them and other times I chuck them away.
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    I wear glasses and apparently they make me look older than I am and clever, which I always find useful :awesome: I was hoping to get laser eye surgery in a few years time but I can't be bothered.
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    Does anyone else still wear childrens' glasses? I have to; as ladies ones are far too big.
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    Perfect vision. Although I wish I had glasses that I could routinely break when I feel like breaking things and **** :moon:
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    I first got glasses when I was 7 years old. At 16 I moved onto contacts. At the age of 28 now I wear contacts most of the time (glasses only first thing in the morning and last thing at night) and my contact prescription is -7.5 (both eyes the same).
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    I have terrible eye sight. I wear daily contacts and always keep my glasses on me just in case I need to take the contacts out
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    I don't have/need glasses, but no matter how bad someone's eyes are I can always see through their glasses! Weird.
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    Does anyone else still wear childrens' glasses? I have to; as ladies ones are far too big.
    Meeeee! When I try on those sunglasses with large lenses I just look like I've got insect eyes.
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    Does anyone else still wear childrens' glasses? I have to; as ladies ones are far too big.
    Yes! I can wear adults' ones, but they just look too big. You're not alone!
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    It seems very odd that so many people here need glassess or lenses.

    I don't, and it's always seemed to me that the majority of people don't either - I wonder if there's some reason why there's such a high concentration of people who do require such aids on TSR...
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    I have glasses which I use for looking long distances and probably for driving to

    But I don't really understand, my prescription is something like 0.5 and 0.75 which is regarded as very small to the point where I don't need glasses, but why is there such a big difference in my long range vision then when I put then on? Surely if it's small then a small increase in my vision is the result?
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    I went for a check-up after not being able to see small writing on the board.

    I was diagnosed with delayed onset myopia and was prescribed glasses.

    But I don't like them, don't think they suit me and don't wear them (I'm a stubborn git). I don't want to grow dependent on them so make do :-)
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    -6.5 and -5.75 so have worn contacts since I was 11/12 and glasses if I'm not going to leave the house/see anyone I know
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    Didn't used to need them then when i was about 16 realized i couldn't see that far in front of me and now i need to wear them all the time, good job i found out before i started driving!
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    Contacts since I was about 15. Glasses since I was about 8 and I think I'm -9.0 so everything is blurry without them.
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    I've had glasses since I was 3, lol. I got told I only needed them for reading when I was about 16 but I'd worn them for so long and I read all the time so I just couldn't prise them off my face ^^ they're practically a part of me now
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    I used to wear glasses between the ages of 9 and 11, but they seem to have corrected themselves and I no longer need them *touch wood*
    I'll probably need them again when I'm older, though.
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    I wear glasses and contacts for short-sightedness, but last time I the optician said that when I have them on my vision is better than 20/20 so I'm not that fussed
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    -5 and -4.5 so things are pretty blurry without my glasses/contact lenses. I much prefer my contacts though and only ever wear my glasses when I need to take my dog out early in the morning.

    And yes, when your eye sight is bad, trying on glasses/contacts for the first time is an amazing experience. It's like being used to a black and white tv all your life only to be given a HD TV.


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Updated: August 8, 2012
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