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Help! I keep getting bad grades?

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    I should probably start revision, I was going to but I am like 3 hours away from completing GTA4 so I thought I would complete it before starting
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    each time you go over a topic or section it should take less time to get back to 90%-100% right ie all the details on your notes.
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    (Original post by Nutty_Psychologist)
    Ahh there's no reason why you can't still. It's early days, I'm guessing your exams are next month and June? Plus you've been really putting work in, just keeping re visiting stuff and doing past papers. Plus I'm sure you can download the past papers online, I'm sure I did that for biology. And I found them CGP revision guides good, I know a lot of people hate them can sometimes they can be quite cheesey lol, but I thought they get your mind active especially in subjects like biology. Or I ended up getting a tutor locally who was good help if you think it might help.

    Well I emailed the Uni and they said I needed a B in maths GCSE and they get a lot of applicants so I wouldn't stand in good stead if I didn't have a B lol. Screw them I went to a different Uni anyway haha. Plus don't worry too much about focusing on a specific Uni, keep looking around you might find one with a better course that you hadn't considered. I remember getting really focused on the original Uni I wanted to go to and it just stressed me out. Ha you can tell I'd do about a million different things differently if I did my A levels again huh? lol
    Thank you so much for replying all this time~
    CGP books don't help me, i had to rely on myself for these things, their method of working things doesn't work out for me...I'll keep the work up!

    Ah i see, the course was probably competitive huh? i didn't think a B was that far a jump from C but then again, i have no experience lol.
    But at least you're happy now, thats what counts i guess Probably so, i take it you didn't resit the whole 2 years? (gee, i'd hate to do that ._.)
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    No just one and it was enough I just sat all the exams in one year. I go to Hull now and do Psychology, so I guess you never know where your gunna turn out!

    And it's ok you remind me of me when I did A levels
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    Also, found this in another thread, I've downloaded it and it's quite good, think it will help

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    (Original post by congalala)
    My exams are not far off from today, i've revised but nothing is sinking in so i'm stressing out even more. I know i'm not the only one out there whos like this, but can anyone offer me tips? I'm just really angry at myself because i know i can get better grades but i keep getting bad ones.
    When i revise - i get d's and e's in my past papers, recently in my actual exam i got U's and i revised since forever for them. (Ironically, the one i did no revision for and least understood, i got a decent pass in.) Because of this, i've lost alot of hope in myself and i don't see the point no more, i don't want to think this way but i can't help it. :confused:
    Don't memorise the content, understand it You said that you read and then write it down, which is fine, because people learn in different ways. Buuuuut maybe do some past papers it could be that you aren't using key 'phrases' that get you the marks, such as in biology/chemistry.. or that you aren't answering the question. I requested back one of my biology exam papers that I didn't do too well in, to figure out what went wrong, and I realised that I lost a horrendous number of marks simply because I wasn't answering the question.

    If you know the content, its most probably due to your exam technique. You've got loads of time to sort it out! so don't freak out haha
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    I'm in seconday skl and I have big tests for math but I'm the one who always get a baddish grade I really what my mum to be pround of me so I can never tell her my bad grades but I really want a 5a/6c (I'm in my first year) did anyone have any help


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