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What's the best Anime ever made???

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    (Original post by Sam_a225)
    Pretty much this ^^ finished watching all episodes upto date for the 2nd time a few months ago
    It's awesome.

    Admittedly I did cry when Luffy and Ussopp fought. And again when Ace dies xD
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    (Original post by catestevenson)
    It's awesome.
    Admittedly I did cry when Luffy and Ussopp fought. And again when Ace dies xD
    While I have no intention of ever watching something so fillery if someone does want to watch it its a hella dick move to spoiler it for them.

    Put that stuff in spoiler tags like so.
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    Yamato Takeru.
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    I really liked death note

    and grew up watching DBZ so even though the script is terrible and half the episodes are just filler material , watching it everyday after school when i was like between 7-12 was awesome

    but death note is great

    The live action movies aren't that bad either
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    Bleach is my personal favourite, never got into Naruto or One piece though...
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    Evangelion :P
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    (Original post by catestevenson)
    Personal fave is One Piece cause I started watching it when I was quite young so I've gotten pretty attached to the characters - as sad as that sounds xD
    Great minds think alike
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    Dragon Dragonball, Dragonball zzzzz
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    (Original post by Unidentified)
    my favourite is definitely howl's moving castle (mainstream I know;p )
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    DBZ or Naruto
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    (Original post by Aiko)
    It's subjective and open to interpretation. There is no definitive 'best', in my opinion.
    Golden Boy. Need I say more?
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    In my opinion, it's Dragonball all the way, I always like the Red Ribbon Army part of it (not DBZ or GT). When raditz made his appearance, I knew that it was all downhill from there, a glimpse of GT also I didn't like, however I watched them all to the very end.
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    It's subjective but in my opinion.

    Hunter x Hunter
    One Piece
    FMA: Brotherhood

    DBZ is my favourite anime but I have to admit there are many better ones out there.
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    I don't know about anime, but the Death Note manga far surpasses any other that I've ever read.
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    Cardcaptor Sakura
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    My all-time childhood favourite.. Sailor Moon first anime I ever watched. Cringey but a big part of my childhood and I'm still as big a fan as I was 12 years ago, and I'm 17 now lol
    also DBZ, Yu-Gi-oh, Pokemon & Digimon
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    Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Rozen Maiden, Madoka Magica. Up to personal opinion really.
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    DBZ all day!!!
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    Mine would be Clannad at the moment - beautiful. I watched it really recently though, so my emotions are still rollercoaster-y. :moon:
    Could also be Death Note, One Piece, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni or Code Geass though.
    Obviously these are all my opinions, there's no objectively 'best' anime.
    Apart from the best anime movie - that has to be 5cm per second... :moon:


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