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Dinner or tea?

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  • View Poll Results: Dinner or Tea
    Tea, I'm a northerner
    Tea, I'm a southerner
    Dinner, I'm a northerner
    Dinner, I'm a southerner

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    What do you call your evening meal?
    Are you a northerner or a southerner?

    Northerner :cool:

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    Dinner, Southerner

    Tea is for when you drink tea
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    I say tea usually (northerner) though I say dinner too. Which means sometimes my meals go: Breakfast, Dinner, Dinner :curious:
    My best friend is a southerner and she was talking about having some tea once and I had to ask her if she meant "drinking tea" or "eating tea".
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    I don't call anything's breakfast, lunch and tea for me!
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    I call it dinner but my mother says tea :mute:
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    I'd say it was as much a class thing as a north-south thing. I'm a southerner and say dinner, but most of my family, all of whom grew up in London, say tea.
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    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    No surprise I am a Southerner.
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    Tea (northern!!)
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    Dinner for my midday meal and Tea for my evening meal.

    I rarely refer to the drink as tea anyway - normally just say "fancy a brew", "nip round for a brew" etc. rather than say tea
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    breakfast dinner tea supper

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    Depends on who I'm speaking to, but usually dinner for the late meal. I never understood calling lunch dinner. :/
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    Here the evening meal is mostly tea if it's informal, and dinner if it's a bit more fancy
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    I used to say say "tea" but after moving south for several years and causing utter confusion with my housemates, friends etc. I was converted to the term of breakfast, lunch and dinner and it's stuck.
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    The first time I had heard of tea as in the meal was at school. I'm from the midlands.
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    "Dinner" if it's something cooked but "tea" if it's not

    So, yeah, a mix of the two, which makes sense seeing as I come from the Midlands
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    The way I view it, dinner is the main evening meal and tea is a small snack shortly afterwards.
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    (Original post by Formerly Helpful_C)
    The way I view it, dinner is the main evening meal and tea is a small snack shortly afterwards.
    I've never heard of that before..
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    (Original post by GiveMeAChallenge)
    I've never heard of that before..
    Just call me a maverick.
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    Tea, and I'm from the midlands....


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Updated: May 12, 2012
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