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"Oh, I only dress up for myself" - really?

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    I will dress up if I am going to town shopping or a night out, but not everyday. I wear hollister trackies and a hoodie for supermarket trips, trips to the library- anywhere really.

    If people want to waste their time judging me for it- then so be it. It says a lot more about them as a person than me- I frankly, have more pressing issues then whether or not I am wearing the right clothing for menial tasks.

    I'd say that I dress up for myself, in that I wear what I like to wear, rather than thinking, 'will other people like this?' But naturally I want other people to think I look nice. It's like...what I like personally determines how I dress but I want other people to appreciate it? I don't dress up when at home because I'm too lazy! If not, I would.

    (Original post by NB_ide)
    You were a lezbiiiaaan ina past life eh?

    I dress up everyday. If I go out looking as if I haven't made an effort then I think that communicates the message to others that I don't have any self-confidence/respect - and that sort of person comes off as unapproachable. I would say I dress for myself in that I don't dress up in order to gain attention. Plus, I'm a total girlygirl: I love make-up, perfume, jewelry, nail polish, cute shoes and my wardrobe mostly convinces of mini skirts, hot pants, cardigans and tight tops. ^^;

    On days I can't be bothered I'll still be dressed, brush my hair and wash (whether it's just face/teeth or taking a shower) before I even go downstairs to see anyone. I won't bother with make-up or jewelry but I won't be sat around in just sweats and a t-shirt either (in fact, I don't even own any of the former).

    I put in effort for going to lectures, just because I find it fun. I wouldn't do the same if I was going to stay at home all day. Why? If you were putting on a non-profit play, you would want other people to come and see it simply to appreciate your efforts even if you were still doing it for your own enjoyment.

    I would never judge other people for *not* putting in an effort and I would hope not to be judged in the same way although sometimes I am - I've been called a poser before but hey. It's just a personal decision to spend a bit more time and mental energy on making yourself into a bit of a walking art form if that's what you find fun. If you don't find that fun then don't do it.

    I really like looking around campus and seeing, dotted around in all the hoodies and jeans, people who have made an effort to make themselves look interesting. It makes the world that little bit more exciting.

    Girls dress up for themselves, yes, but many also do it largely for other girls. It's always nice when someone compliments how you look or what you're wearing, and I love seeing how other people dress. It's not about attracting male attention – it's about feeling good about yourself.

    (Original post by abc101)
    Dressing up for others doesn't equate to dressing up for guys. Otherwise, why would girls at all-girls school care about their appearance?! Most girls make an effort because a) picking out nice outfits, doing your make-up and styling your hair is fun b) everyone likes having something pretty to look at when they stare in the mirror c) a lot of girls are appreciative of fashion and style, and you'll find many girls who would be much more delighted by a female friend saying "Wow, I love how you've accessorised that dress, it works so well, and where did you buy those shoes?!" than a guy saying "You look fit". Dressing up is a way of expressing oneself, so it's fundamentally both about doing it for yourself, and for other people, as you can't really be expressing yourself if you have no one to express to.
    This is pretty much what I'm trying to say.

    dressing up gives us girls a confidence boost, if your sat at home all day and feeling crappy..just applying a bit of make up or wearing nice clothes and doing your hair instantly changes your mood and any girl will agree..even if its just an all girls night in or you're going to a meal with just your girl mates..any girl will still make the effort to look fab..so saying dressing up is for guys and to get attention is ridiculous, its to make yourself feel good, feel pretty, and gives you an excuse to actually dress up nicely which is what all girls love doing.

    How I dress is an extension of my personality. I dress nicely because it gives me the confidence to actually leave the flat.

    (Original post by apostrophe87)
    Nearly all girls seem to say "oh I don't dress up for guys, I only dress up for myself". But then how come you only dress up when you are meeting people and not when you are planning on spending the whole night alone in your apartment?

    I imagine a girl who only dress up for herself would put on make-up, a tight dress, do her hair and nails and all that, and then just slack alone in her sofa wathing TV.
    Who says girls only dress up when meeting people? I know plenty of girls, myself included who sometimes will make an effort with pretty clothes and hair when staying alone in the house as looking good makes you feel good.

    It's called denial.

    Everyone dresses to impress other people. That's the whole point of style - trying to create the impression you want via your clothing choices.

    Even if its nominally true that someone may feel confident from simply dressing in a way they like even when no-one can see them, that's a socially learnt confidence gathered from experiencing imagining how they would look to other people. Some people are simply too naive too realise this. :rolleyes:


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Updated: May 11, 2012
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