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What do dreams mean to you?

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    If I revise maths right before I sleep I dream about it all night. I'll apply it to something which it cant be applied to and feel like I had a big insight and it all fits together perfectly. But then I wake up and realise that it actually doesnt make any sense at all. I'm not sure if that counts as a dream though because I dont feel any of my senses it is more like thought.

    I dream quite usually. When I was younger I remember having dreams in which I had perfect control over what happened, in my head I would be thinking no I don't want that to happen, I'll make a different thing happen. But it wasn't like I was writing a story, it still seemed completely real and I still felt the emotions of the dream. Like being the author of a story and a character in the story both at the same time. I remember getting woken up by my mum once and was deciding whether to get up or go back to sleep and carry on with my dream, I choose to carry it on. I don't have control any more, I am still often fully aware I am dreaming but I am unable to stop it so I tell myself that I am dreaming but the dream carries on.

    I get one really weird one which makes me a little concerned for my mental health. I dream something scary happens to me in my room, usually someone coming in. I realise that I was dreaming about that and wake up from that dream, sitting up, but then something else happens and I also realise after I was dreaming and this repeats. Its like a dream, within a dream, within a dream etc. The worrying is the final time this happens and I actually do wake, the thing is still there so I have a full visual hallucination that there is something or someone in my room. I then stare at in for about 5 seconds and it fades away. They never speak or attack me but they do move their arms, it really is exactly the same as if there was a person there. It made me realise that the mind is capable of showing to you whatever it wants.

    I don't believe that there is a universal dream analysis method. I don't think one person dreaming about a river has the same meaning as another person dreaming about a river. But I do think your dreams can give you access to thoughts and emotions you didn't realise you had. I see dreams as a way of figuring out what your mind is preoccupied with. I don't think anyone else can help you figure out what the dream means, but it is nice to get a different perspective.
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    Some interesting views and own experiences of peoples dreams coming, keep em coming!


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Updated: May 6, 2012
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