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Real Madrid v Bayern München, 25/04/12, 19:45, ITV1

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    UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 2nd leg
    Wednesday 25th April 2012
    Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
    Kick Off: 19:45 GMT

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    Bayern to qualify I reckon
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    Lahm, Badstuber, Boateng, Alaba, Muller, Kroos, Gustavo, Ramos, Alonso, Coentrao and Higuain
    All of these players are one yellow card away from suspension. It's safe to say there will be some suspensions in such a cagey affair.

    If I was a Chelsea fan, Bayern would be my choice as Madrid have too much depth for those suspensions to affect the result in the final.

    I'm going for a 1-1 draw. Bayern look good and are better than people give them credit for.
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    Bayern has a realistic chance of getting to the finals. They are highly motivated due to the final being in Munich. I also think it's going to be a draw. Let's just hope for an interesting game
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    If Bayern get through they are favourites. They'll be playing the final at home. Chelsea have a bare bones defence-- Robben and Ribery are gonna take some stopping. They are in deep ****, no thanks to that idiot John Terry.

    However, I still think Real are going through tonight. They'll be a little too strong I think. COnfidence is high having beaten Barcelona at the weekend and partially secured the league title.
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    Both teams are in exceptional form this season and it will definitely be a tough game to call. However, I beleive that Real will be want to produce a world-class performance after their Spanish rivals lost to them and a place in the Champions League final last night. I think that Real have the tougher job tonight because Bayern will score an away goal, Real have been letting in goals all season at home. So the likes of Benzema, Ronaldo, and Higuain need to make the most of every chance they get.

    Will update post when the team sheets are released later...
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    Here's a puzzler: you look a tit for saying 'Bayern München' but 'Royal Madrid' would be even worse.
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    I think the team selections are straight forward, they won't be risking it with resting players, Bayern in fact have no reason to rest a soul and Real have basically won the La Liga.

    Real Madrid are on fire, you could see they really believe they'll do it this year, I'm going for a risky prediction here that may backfire but I can see Bayern getting humbled; I don't particularly think their team is so much worse, I did think they were capable of a 2-1 victory at home but the win. But Madrid's victory over Barca plus watching them lose last night will fire them up. Mourinho also won't pass up an opportunity to show abramovich what he is missing.

    Bayern on the other hand have problems in the dressing room, have not won the Bundesliga again this year and they only have themselves to blame. Their quality mainly lies in their on-off performers who I think won't step up to the plate.


    crazy I know :getmecoat:
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    (Original post by cambio wechsel)
    Here's a puzzler: you look a tit for saying 'Bayern München' but 'Royal Madrid' would be even worse.
    Why does the OP look like a tit for spelling something right?
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    (Original post by pinda.college)
    Why does the OP look like a tit for spelling something right?
    ah, it was the "you" of "one" rather than of specifically the OP, and the "saying" of "saying" rather than of writing. I've never heard someone say "Bayern München" in the context of English conversation, even Germans anglicise it as the commentators will tonight. The puzzler, then, was only why we do this but don't do the same for Real (=Royal) Madrid.
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    Madrid'll be through, no doubt whatsoever.
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    (Original post by Zalachenko)
    Madrid'll be through, no doubt whatsoever.
    As much as I share your opinion, I beleive Barca's exit from the CL last night proved how anything is possible.
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    (Original post by pinda.college)
    As much as I share your opinion, I beleive Barca's exit from the CL last night proved how anything is possible.
    Fair point, I honestly don't think Madrid'll have a better chance for the CL than this year with Barcelona out.
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    I have a feeling Bayern will win this one, they are a goal up and they will want to play in the final at their home stadium.
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    Both teams have amazing attacks, and suspect defences.. while on paper real madrids defence is better, bayern's played well at home, but they are a team that haven't done very well away. I'd like to see bayern munich go through but i don't see it happening.
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    Madrid to win this and the final now, both comfortably.
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    I think Madrid will win this one - I hope it is a better match than last week.
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    Close match I reckon, with Bayern edging it on away goals
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    As long as whoever get through smash Chelsea, I'm happy. Real are preferable for that alone, although I tend to favour German football.
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    4-1 Madrid.


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