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What would you do if you won £7,100,000?

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    Tonight's estimated Lotto jackpot

    First things first I'd take a holiday. Then maybe buy a boat and throw boat parties all the time

    edit: And what do you think your immediate reaction would be while watching the draw?

    I think I'd be something like: "please please please please" (x100) during the draw, then stunned silence for around 10 seconds after I've matched every ball, then about a thousand OMGs, then go and make some toast while I gather myself
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    7 million isn't enough for the things I want to do. :rolleyes:
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    Buy a chair and a cat and stroke the cat while sitting on the chair.
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    Nice house, nice car, a villa abroad with a big pool, go travelling to some cool places, maybe set up a little businesses and hire people to do the work

    oh well, back to reality..............
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    Ban these threads which seem to appear every single day getting the same predictable boring responses (including the one I have just written)

    ... and then buy 30 houses for £150,000 each, rent them all out and buy a ferrari
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    (Original post by TheHansa)
    Buy a chair and a cat and stroke the cat while sitting on the chair.
    Would it be a rocking chair?
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    High interest bank account
    and travel
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    Count it...
    Yes I'm weird like that
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    Have someone fill my baths with £50 notes.
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    Always wanted to travel to a non-developed country and help out. Yeah I know I don't need 7 mil to do that, but it'd mean I could help with aid etc. Pay off my student debt and buy my mum a house. Oh yeah

    EDIT: Negged for wanting to help. Only on TSR :P
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    Replace my boobs with ones made of gold.
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    Put it on red.
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    Buy a house with a pool. Fill said pool with cash. Pretend to be Scrooge McDuck.
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    invest 7 mill. spend 100k on cool ****. then finish my A levels and go travelling
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    if there's a big euro millions rollover, I buy three and a half million tickets
    play your rushes
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    (Original post by MathematicsKiller)
    Would it be a rocking chair?
    :yes: and the cat would be white.
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    Buy a kindle and an ipod :erm:

    Move to a nicer student house closer to central london.

    Buy my mum and dad new houses.

    Figure out which charities to donate money to.

    Book a holiday

    Save the rest.
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    Donate some (I don't know how much) to Leukemia/Lymphoma research. Buy my parents a house in the mediterranean somewhere so they can live there when my dad retires. Set aside around 75k for my brother so he can go to university and not worry about fees or other costs. Probably set aside around the same amount for myself to get through university and then maybe postgraduate if I decide to do that. Then I'd probably put the rest in savings until I need it. Leave university with hopefully a good degree, get a good job and buy a house with the money. I'd probably just keep the rest for the future, maybe invest in property or use it to go on holidays if the salary I earn wouldn't allow me to do that at least once a year. I would try and save a lot of it for retirement. I guess if I invest most of it over 40 odd years then I'll have plenty by the time I retire. Then I might travel the world and yeah.
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    Probably collapse and die of shock before I get a chance to spend it :sigh:
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    Take it to an area with a field and high middle aged population/any LabourLiberal voting constituency, put it in a pile and set fire to it. Every last penny. Then hop on my push bike to escape the angry mob wearing a V for Vendetta mask :yep:


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