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Most hated TV adverts

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    What TV adverts can't you stand?

    For me it's the Direct Line ones. They just aren't funny.

    Honorable mention to Boots as they know how to put out some bloody annoying adverts as well
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    Go compare man !!! I hope unpleasant things happen to him
    Click image for larger version. 

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    GoCompare. What I wouldn't give to smack that guy in the face.
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    'We buy any car' adverts really annoy me
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    "I'm so tall I'm so tall, you raise me and then you let me fall"

    berocca you but on a really good day :mad:
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    Anything that advertises something that I don't need. :banghead:

    This however is one of the funniest and effective that I have ever seen. Even if i don't want the product! Perfectly encaptures Boris "cow" Johnson
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    Oh god I HATE wowcha advert! and Proactiv Katy Perry = so cheesy and fake and just EUGH! 'I'm talkin about ZITS here people!' shut up :/
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    (Original post by chocolate buttons)
    Yes! I hate their adverts so much!
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    (Original post by Over The Rainbow X)
    Yes! I hate their adverts so much!
    Perhaps it was a marketing technique. They might have made it so bad that you actually remember it more!
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    Go Compare and Wonga
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    nuff' said.
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    That activia woman...urghhhh.

    I don't like dating website ads either.
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    Confused.com :unimpressed:

    Every cartoon woman on that advert seems to have had a boob job or something.
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    Go Compare (doesn't need an explanation).

    Any advert with annoying children/families e.g. Haribo, and whatever that chicken thing is where the girl says 'Good job Emily' to the egg. Seriously, what the HELL is that?!
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    Those Activia 'Tummy Loving Care' ads. She was fit, but I still want to punch her every time I see that advert ¬_¬

    And the obvious Go Compare ads ¬_¬ Wynne Evans has single handedly ruined everything Wales has achieved
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    That Greek yoghurt advert annoys the **** outta me as well. The 'It's not a myth!' one.. That woman's voice, she does the Three advert as well. I think it's Sophie from Peep Show
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    That 'girl on the platform' one... Guuuuuuuuuuuuh.


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