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Car crash, driver does want to claim

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    Sounds like amputation would be the best treatment for your neck.
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    (Original post by CurlyBen)
    Sounds like amputation would be the best treatment for your neck.
    I say an amputation of his manhood then he can't fondle his equally as bitchy g/f.
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    Anyways the other driver went to their insurance and admitted liability.
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    (Original post by sharp910sh)
    Whiplash. How funny my gf claimed of her friends insurance. She didnt even have whiplash and is getting £1500. SO i have a real accident, and I should not claim. Yet a person who is faking gets money.. right ..
    (Original post by sharp910sh)
    I know what happens. my gf claimed when she was in an accident and nothing was wrong with her. the no win no fee lawyers told her to lie. say her neck hurt. this was 7 months after the accident. then she went to a doctor, to get assessed.
    this just shows both you and your GF are abusing the system.
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    (Original post by sharp910sh)
    Why not? Its not a crime.
    yes it is.
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    My gf did the system. I am not. I went to the dr and he gave me some pain relief told me to stay home for a week. Come back and see if im better in a weeks time.
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    Want compensation? kiss my ass.
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    (Original post by Salu.)
    Want compensation? kiss my ass.
    why would i?


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