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What are you Allergic too??

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    ...And chocolate bourbons, fml.
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    Pollen, dust, penicillin..
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    Fur (so most animals)
    Deep Heat (found that one out painfully)
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    Tea leaves.
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    Pollen, and some raw fruits /vegetables (apples, pears, cherries, sugar snap peas and a few others I can't think of right now)
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    Allergic (relatively mild) - pollen and dustmites
    Allergic (Anaphylaxis) - peanuts and nuts
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    Pollen, Agomelatine (drug).
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    I've developed an allergy to birch pollen (I ate an apple when I had the flu and my throat closed :erm:). I can still eat apples and related fruits, but my throat may swell slightly and my mouth, gums and lips tend to itch. I find eating such fruits regardless of my allergy has attenuated the symptoms.
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    Mild hayfever, I get it no where near as bad as any of my siblings though.
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    "penis's.... oh no I'm just gay"
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    (Original post by Cwhitwham)
    ...And chocolate bourbons, fml.
    :lolwut: What is in chocolate bourbons to make you allergic to them specifically?
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    Nickel in jewellery although that's more of a skin/contact allergy than a full-blown reaction and amoxycillin, or, as I like to frustrate medical professionals with "an antibiotic that I was given for tonsillitis years ago but can't remember the name of, if you run through a few common ones I'm sure it'll click or you could check my notes". I don't have an overly huge reaction to either, although my wrist gets seriously gross and scaly under a normal watch.
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    (Original post by whyumadtho)
    :lolwut: What is in chocolate bourbons to make you allergic to them specifically?
    I'm not entirely sure, never have looked into it. But when I was maybe 12, I ate a lot of them at my Grandma's (lol), and the next thing I know I had horrible rashes. I've been tempted to try eat some since then but never have!
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    (Original post by WanaBdoctor)
    Pollen (not sure what kind but I get hayfever badly from April to August so probably most types :/)
    Eggs ( unless they are in something which is weird!)
    Most citrus fruits which sucks because I love them!
    Liquid eye shadows and some eyeliners
    Errm think that's it! Summer and spring suck!

    It's weird, no one else in my family is allergic to anything!
    Don't get why I was negged for this... It's no different to any of the other posts!
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    Goldfish :/
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    I have hayfever, it usually starts mid-may and goes to mid-September, so it's tree pollen, flower pollen and the worst is grass pollen, they always wants to make me rip my eyeballs out of my sockets because it hurts so bad.

    I also get those symptoms when I'm anywhere near my friend's cat, so I think I must be allergic to car hair or something.
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    but thats okay as being human i have canines which means i was suppose to eat meat not disgusting rabbit food anyhow
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    Midazolam and most other Benzo drugs - I take what they call a paradoxical reaction, the last time I was given midazolam (in an operating theatre) I went a bit loopy, tried to get off the table (whilst numb from the waist down), insisted the anaesthetist was trying to drug me, threw an oxygen mask across the theatre and talked absolute rubbish. Had to be given the medicine they normally give to people who have overdosed on the stuff, to bring me out of it . Diazepam I took once and ended up suicidal and on the phone to NHS 24 at 4am! Not allowed those drugs now without a **** load of staff watching me.

    Trimethoprim - hives

    Also cats, dust mites, pollen, dust itself, lactose, and hypersensitive to cetosteral (dunno how to spell it) alcohol. Causes burning sensation and redness. Unfortunately it's in most toiletries.. Also have a reaction to Always pads.. And weirdly, if anything brushes against me or scratches my skin I come out in raised hives.
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    Cats, Dogs, some other furry animals, Pollen, Dust, Walnuts and then mildly allergic to all other nuts except peanuts. Oh and some types of suncream (the ones that are like a glue stick).


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